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Top benefits of document scanning for business

Regardless of what your business activities include, becoming more efficient and therefore becoming more profitable should always run alongside your main goals. Of course, don't forget your safety as well. Going back, becoming paperless and digitising your documents can play a significant part in your drive for greater efficiency. Some of the top benefits of document scanning for businesses include:

Free Up Office Space

Office space costs money, you can even work out your cost per square metre if you know your floor space and rental costs. So why fill your office with paperwork when it could either be reduced by moving to smaller premises or used more effectively for staff or productive equipment. Storing paper in an office is not cost effective. A common motivation to scan rather than store is to reduce office space. We have helped customers move offices and save thousands monthly just by digitising their paperwork. Once digitised, there are many other positive benefits.

Secure Your Data

Data held on paper is inherently insecure. It is easily lost, stolen, damaged and replicated. On the other hand, digital data can be easily secured, encrypted, tracked and backed up. Digital data can also be securely shared and utilised within other systems such as your company CRM system, accounts package, HR system, SharePoint and many more. Data breaches and data losses have made high profile stories on the national media in recent years. GDPR fines can be up to 4% of turnover and data breaches have never been taken so seriously. 

Consider The Environment

Following the paperless office model means a huge reduction in paper and ink usage. There are significant financial savings and a significant reduction in carbon footprint too. A smaller and more efficient office is once again cheaper to run and uses less energy.

Make Your Systems Work Smarter

Once you've scanned your documents, there is a huge variety of software you can integrate your scanned images with. We would advocate the use of an electronic document management system such as eView or DocuWare. If you don't integrate your images they will sit on a file server in folders that act as a store but nothing else. You can even use a digital mailroom to scan inbound post and send it to the relevant people - the possibilities are endless.


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