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Understanding how procurement is governed

Restore are privileged to support 75% of NHS Trusts with various document management solutions. This has created vast experience across the group of the NHS procurement process, and how a Trust can successfully tender for a large digitisation project.

Money is available, whether through the Digital Exemplar programme, as a Fast Follower or the NHS Digital Funding scheme. However, that budget is still limited and being confident on ROI is essential. 

Therefore, commencing a procurement process that guarantees you receive the information you need to make the right decision. Plus, that elicits accurate and realistic pricing is a key priority of the tender process. 

We have created a series of blogs to support NHS Trusts embarking on a procurement process, to help make navigating the process that little bit easier.

Procurement within NHS Trusts is governed by a set of UK and EU principles that seek to ensure a ‘level playing field’ for procurement teams and suppliers to conduct business. The principles are legally binding within certain thresholds, but many NHS Trusts apply them throughout their procurement strategy. These principles are:


EU principles of procurement



Procurement activity shall be advertised appropriately to ensure market visibility and provide clear information with regards to the process, contractual requirements, performance and the method(s) of evaluation being used in the determination of a successful bid. 



The approach taken in any given procurement activity will be proportionate to the level of complexity, impact, risk and value of the activity as to not prevent or discourage bidders.



Ensuring that all providers and sectors have equal opportunity to compete where appropriate, that financial and due diligence checks apply equally and are proportionate, and that pricing and payment regimes are transparent and fair. 



The consistent application of the Regulations and Trust rules to all procurement activity to ensure than no member state supplier is prevented from participating in an EU tender on the grounds of nationality, or subject matter of the contract. 


Mutual recognition

Member states will recognise equivalent measures of qualifications, standards etc.


UK principles of procurement


Favour competition

Procurement activity should be undertaken in a competitive environment to aid in demonstrating the EU and UK principles as well as VFM.



Procurement activity should be legally robust to ensure compliance and account of decisions made and/or actions taken. The specification of the services and the terms and conditions shall ensure the Trust and its patients are safeguarded appropriately.



All procurement activity will have an accountable office of the Trust to sign off on the compliance of the procurement process(es) used.


Value for money

All procurement activity will seek and demonstrate the balance between quality and cost reflecting in a VFM decision.



Procurement activity will set out the minimum quality of goods, works or services/outcomes to be achieved by though the specification of the contract.


Want to know more about the principals of NHS procurement, speak to Daniel our NHS Consultant, who will happily answer any questions.


Daniel Stonard

Business Development Manager – Digital Solutions

07872 008 058



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