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What role do you predict Automation will play in the Legal Sector?


Automation is rapidly encroaching on the legal profession, perhaps in the way industrialisation caught up with the luddites. Even practices and chambers with a forward-thinking approach to IT integration might benefit from outsourced support.

Legal businesses have many areas which can benefit from adopting technology to increase the automation of specific tasks. Where such systems complement human work, lawyers should then be released from process-driven work and allowed to focus on higher income generating activities.



Certain types of procedural legal work can benefit from using innovative IT Systems. According to the Law Society, (1) "Process-driven legal services are being commoditised through automation. In time, with cheaper computing power and better software, increasingly sophisticated services may be automated."

To take care of the enormous task of organising data and vital documents, legal firms can work towards optimal efficiency by using a data scanning service. Scanning companies, like Restore Scan realise that data is the lifeblood of legal firms and that having speedy cloud-based information can result in tangible cost benefits.

Data digitisation by scanning is a cost-effective and efficient way of reducing reliance on document storage, freeing up space, sharing documents and improving document security. With cloud-based hosting of documents and data, organisations can efficiently share information, speeding up and improving customer service. All the more relevant now that the pace has been set by the Ministry of Justice to digitise all court rooms by the end of 2016.

Why pay fees to store roomfuls of paper records and files?

Choosing to scan, store and manage documents digitally reduces the cost of paying for physical storage. In addition, documents of any age, size or media type can be captured to create a cohesive, cloud-based information resource making pertinent information available at the touch of a button.

Despite common security fears, putting scanning or document management in the hands of a third party does not weaken the security chain. Firms actually reap multiple benefits from such an association - not least having the assurance that reputable document management firms have expertise to share, are enhanced DRB checked and adhere to the highest of security standards.

With lower running costs, more time for profit making activities and security comfortably guaranteed, legal businesses are encouraged to audit their current business practices in order to pinpoint key opportunities for automation.

In an increasingly competitive market, keeping one step ahead of the technological 'luddites' might make all the difference.

By Paul Moonan, Restore Scan, MD

Footnotes; 1. Law Society press release 28.1.16 "New report by the Law Society identifies the future of legal services"

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