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A lot of legal firms have large archives of old case files or HR files.

There is a lot of M&A activity within the legal sector, where legal firms inherit a new archive of paper files, with little knowledge of their contents.

Restore can work with you to digitise, classify, and categorise these archives. Allowing you to securely destroy the paperwork you do not need to retain and set retention period on the new digital archive.

By knowing the paper, you own, but also allowing us to create automated workflows to manage it, mitigates GDPR risk around these archives.


“Restore Digital has removed the GDPR risk associated with acquiring new businesses. Our partnership is built on trust, so we know Restore will be flexible and create bespoke solutions when needed as new paper archives are acquired. Removing the paper files out of the offices allows us to maximise our estate strategy, and knowing our inherited archive is quickly GDPR compliant removes a large headache from the acquisition process”

UK Top 50 Legal Firm

What other services does the Restore Group offer the Legal Sector?

Confidential document destruction for homeworkers

Confidential document destruction for homeworkers

Restore Datashred

Confidential destruction for homeworking solution.

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eView integration with RestoreWeb

eView & RestoreWeb integration

eView integration with RestoreWeb

Did you know that eView is integrated with RestoreWeb

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