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Digital Mailroom for Legal

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Restore’s digital mailrooms can be as simple or complex as you would like.

During lockdown, many legal firms need a simple, quick, and secure way of getting the days post distributed to its remote workforce, knowing that fee earning activity was still connected to this incoming mail.

Once set up, many legal firms then asked us to add an email inbox, where we quickly classify the contents, and add the important email attachments into the same workflow as the hard copy post.

We also offer a same day cheque banking service with all mailrooms, to protect our customers’ cash flows. And when needed we can securely distribute hard copy originals to your Team.

Using either DocuWare or eView as the daily depository, teams were able to pop in and find their daily post and start work. Most firms chose to have folders set up by department, e.g. HR, Finance etc. Receiving it quicker than when they were onsite in the office.

However, as remote, or at least hybrid home/office working looks set to continue in the long-term law firms are coming to Restore to embed something more complex. A hybrid mailroom that can automated internal workflows; remove manual data entry and evolve into a digital outbound mailroom too.

And when the mailroom is facilitated by eView you can have a direct interface into your case management system. Find out more here.



Digital Mailroom Infographic

Whether you choose a simple mailroom, or a complex mailroom, Restore will support you with not only Project and Account Managers, but a Change Management Team, providing you with the support and training your firm with need to implement this successfully.

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Digital Mailroom Brochure

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