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Legal Document Management

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A cost-effective document management system that can be embedded or integrated with your case management system

Restore’s in house document management system has evolved over time to meet the needs of our customers. Starting as a basic document viewing system, it has now evolved to allow our customers to manage their digital files effectively. This has included adding GDPR functionality to allow you to easily manage retention periods, but also SAR functionality including automatic redaction.

eView is not a replacement for your case management system. However, case management systems are expensive and are often on a licence model. As you digitise more, a system like eView can integrate with your case file system and allow more of your team to view files on a licence model that is more affordable.


eView document management

What other services does the Restore Group offer the Legal Sector?

eView integration with RestoreWeb

eView & RestoreWeb integration

eView integration with RestoreWeb

Did you know that eView is integrated with RestoreWeb

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