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Live File Scanning

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Accessing physical files has been difficult in lockdown. Let alone allowing multiple people to view and work on the same case file. Restore Digital have been supporting law firms throughout the lockdown and beyond to digitise these files to allow fee-earners to continue working remotely.

Previously one of the hesitations around digitisation was that these files were large and complex. Restore have been working with our legal customers to provide a scanning service that replicates working with a paper file when advantageous. This is especially important with complex court bundles. This means replicating file structure, eg, legal sections and bookmarking.

BS 10008 Management System

BS 10008 Management System

Overcome legal admissibility concerns as to whether or not a piece of evidence would be accepted by a court of law.

Our Accreditations
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The Restore Digital live file scanning process

Digital live files can combat many of the risks currently felt by GDPR. Knowing your data is easier with digital files. Managing retention periods is simple. And collating SARs but also redacting information can be done within seconds. 

But digital files can also prevent files getting lost, misplaced, or damaged, provided your have secure data delivery. 
Restore Digital pride ourselves on security, highlighted by our accreditations and work with the NHS, the MoD and NDA. There is full traceability and tracking of all files that we digitise, allowing us to provide Scan on Demand for urgent file retrieval for those in our possession. 

We have a range of secure online delivery options, with most firms wanting the documents back via secure sFTP, a Restore document management system, or direct upload into your internal systems.

And with Restore you will always receive detailed monthly MI packs, that highlight exactly what has been received, what has been prepped, scanned, QC’d and then returned. Your Account Manager will run through this data at monthly meetings, and MI packs can be adapted to meet your evolving needs. 


Are your case files in storage? 

No problem, Restore can work with your storage provider, even if it is not Restore Records Management, and digitise your live case files. Let us manage the relationship and effective delivery of your files digitally, so you can focus on other things. 

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