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NHS and Healthcare

NHS and HealthcareNHS and Healthcare

With a new long-term plan announced, the Government’s vision is to relieve the burden from hospitals and GPs, by empowering other healthcare resources, so patients will always receive the right level care, and importantly in the right setting.

But to achieve this the focus on digital remains, if not increased, as patients not only need to be digital at the point of care. Back office systems need to be aligned, so that care and essential paperwork is truly digital.

The main services Restore Digital provide the NHS are:

Medical records scanningMedical Records Scanning

In previous years we’ve been asked to bulk scan NHS and private hospitals’ archive of medical records. However, this can be extremely costly. A better solution is often to bulk scan the most active or recent paper patient records, and then implement day forward scanning of your archive, based on upcoming appointments.

Other options are to put the bulk in storage, with scan on demand as needed, and then if paper records are still being created, for you to get them uplifted after an agreed time frame and digitised.

Document managementDocument Management

Many NHS Trusts and private hospitals already have a costly system in place in which they want their digitised medical records inputting into. Therefore, Restore can either upload directly into these systems or transfer files through a secure FTPS.

However, increasingly it is important for all clinicians in multiple locations to be able to access these records and healthcare organisations are discovering that getting the appropriate number of licences on these systems is expensive. Therefore, we are working with many organisations to run our cost-effective records management system, eView, with high volume users and multi-site locations, which also feeds the scanned images into the more expensive back office system in place.

This allows hospitals to still gain the benefits for the back-office system they’ve invested in, while finding a cost-effective way to make records digital and available to all who need them.

Find out more about eView here:


Writing a tender

NHS projects are procured through portals that facilitate the tender process. We firmly believe that for you to get the most helpful and accurate responses, you should be in dialogue with providers before the tender process kicks off. This doesn’t mean you need to use one of the organisations you are in dialogue with but take advantage of suppliers’ willingness to help as they want to make a good impression!

The more you understand the different ways of approaching a project the more insightful the questions you can ask as part of the tender.

Have a read of our recent blogs which you might find helpful when approaching a tender:

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