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Receive business post remotely – the simple mailroom

Restore Digital’s flagship mailroom service automatically classifies mail. It extracts data. And it creates automated workflow processes. Using Ai to push data into different databases.

Sometimes what our customers need is something much simpler. If you have home working staff or team members who work outside the traditional office environment, they still need access to the day’s mail. Whether it be invoices or POs that need processing. Claim forms or registration documents. Organisations internal workflows still rely on access to the post.

Restore’s bronze mailroom is quick to set up and low in cost. Post simply gets rerouted to a Restore Digital scanning site. Restore Digital scan it, add basic indexing. And then your team can access it in a secure, cloud-based document management viewer.

The benefit of a simple mailroom is that it can evolve over time. The ROI of a digital mailroom increases as it gets more sophisticated. As it becomes more tailored to your individual needs. A simple bronze mailroom is often done out of necessity. When something has happened that means staff needs remote access. Usually, connected to Business Continuity Plans.

However, once in place and the benefits become obvious, we can overlay more sophisticated services. Adding classification. Then adding data extraction etc.