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What’s included with Cloud storage


To provide maximum security for your documents, DocuWare Cloud uses a great deal more storage volume than the space needed for your productive data. That‘s only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

If you are interested in DocuWare Cloud and are also keeping an eye on your budget, you need to remember a few things that may not be so obvious at first: the actual storage volume needed.

What's Included with Cloud storage
For example, for every 10 GB of storage space used for your productive document data - the data you see and work with - the following storage space is required:

  • 20 GB for two redundant copies of productive document data stored in the same data centre.
  • 30 GB for three copies of productive document data stored in a second data centre, which is geo-redundant and protects against natural disasters.

This unlimited volume needed for additional storage is already factored into the cost and will scale automatically based on your usage. This provides critical space for:

  • Additional data: For example, pre-rendered thumbnails for higher performance and auditing trails for better controls.
  • Metadata: Capturing both the index and full-text data of your documents.
  • SQL databases: Hosted by Azure SQL as a managed service.
  • Cold Storage Backups: The cold storage is physically completely separate from the DocuWare domain, which means that the database is also protected against possible damage events in the DocuWare domain. The generation of backups in cold storage is automatically monitored continuously. The backups in cold storage are stored for at least one year.
  • Azure File Share Snapshots: Microsoft's Azure Files service generates file share snapshots once a week for each organization. These include the changes from the respective previous status. The snapshots are stored for at least one year.

These services for the security of customer data and documents are all included in DocuWare Cloud. You should always keep this in mind when you look at the costs and are comparing them, for example, with a system that is operated on-premises.

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