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Digital Mailroom Services - a fast and efficient way of processing mail

Managing a mailroom can be time-consuming and expensive. Yet it is a critical part of your organisation, responsible for virtually all your customer-facing communications. Capturing incoming data and correspondence today is about much more than paper and includes email and many more information channels, sources and unstructured formats.

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At Restore we are Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) specialists who can take care of your mailroom while you focus on your business. In fact, with our expertise and enthusiasm, you will find that you are not simply contracting out your mailroom function, you are improving on it.

Let us take care of the opening, sorting, processing and routing of your mail with a Digital Mailroom solution that provides you with a fully automated solution to seamlessly capture, process and track all documentation across your business into a single, secure and auditable information handling process.

The benefits of our digital mailroom service

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  • Save Money

    An outsourced mailroom removes the need to manually process documents on-site

  • Secure Your Mail

    Divert your incoming data to our secure facility, providing a guaranteed safe location for confidential information

  • Respond Faster

    An efficient process delivers enhanced customer service

  • Share Intelligence

    Easy access to information, improves productivity

Digital processing to support GDPR compliance

To help you ensure that your paper records don’t fall foul of the regulation, we have a team of experienced business consultants and digital specialists on hand to help you fully understand the impact of GDPR on your organisation. We’ll help you identify gaps and formulate a roadmap for compliance that will not just remove the uncertainty around the changes, but enable you to deliver better outcomes, build trust with your customers and significantly reduce any associated risks.

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How Imprimus helps you to take control of your communication.

Imprimus help the UK’s most trusted brands get more from their customer communications. Amongst their prestigious list of customers are some of the UK's leading financial services providers and asset management specialists. Each year Imprimus help their customers to issue many thousands of FCA regulated and critical documents, and partner with Restore Digital to support an outsourced mailroom and scanning service.

David Lewis, Sales Director, Imprimis said: “Restore are digital document specialists with the necessary data security accreditations and the experience to deliver a first-rate service, every time, on-time. They scan, classify and upload inbound mail on behalf of our customers, ensuring that service delivery is compliant and accurate. Restore have been able to meet all our requirements and are also flexible and able to fulfil new requirements at short notice. As experts in the field they have also been able to advise on ways to create additional efficiencies utilising their hosted platform."

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