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Digital mailroom solutions to transform your process

Clients, customers, suppliers, contractors and legal teams, the list of organisations and individuals that communicate with your company is as varied as the channels of communication they use to send you the information.

Regardless of the communication channel, every company still needs to sort, understand, prioritise and distribute this communication, and in a digital world, respond back to the customer promptly and accurately.

We're here to help

Our digital mailroom solution combines multi-channel capture, automated data capture and workflow technology to automatically prioritise, sort and route communications, ultimately creating efficiencies. Once digitised, prioritised and routed, you can then ensure your clients and customers receive prompt, accurate responses that enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Whether you need an off-site managed service or an on-site solution, we're here to deliver digital transformation in pursuit of a better customer experience.

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The benefits of a Digital Mailroom for your business

  • Save Money

    Improve efficiency and reduce waste

  • Secure Your Mail

    Discover a secure and compliant way of handling incoming information in any format

  • Respond Faster

    An efficient process delivers enhanced customer service

  • Share Intelligence

    Easy access to information, improves productivity

Digital processing to support GDPR compliance

To help you ensure that your paper records don’t fall foul of the regulation, we have a team of experienced business consultants and digital specialists on hand to help you fully understand the impact of GDPR on your organisation. We'll help you identify gaps and formulate a roadmap for compliance that will not just remove the uncertainty around the changes, but enable you to deliver better outcomes, build trust with your customers and significantly reduce any associated risks.

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Discover how our digital mailroom solution helped Co-op Legal become more efficient

As one of the UK's leading legal firms, Co-op Legal process high volumes of incoming post and correspondence. Processing such high volumes of inbound mail increases the difficulty in identifying critical court documents that require immediate attention. Co-op needed a digital processing system to enable documents to be scanned through the system quickly, progressing cases at a faster speed and delivering a better response rate back to the customer.

Restore's Professional Services team worked closely with the Co-op business team to create a bespoke digital mailroom solution across three of its key sites to combine automated data capture and workflow technology to drive greater efficiencies.

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