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What is a Digital Mailroom?
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A Digital Mailroom can be inbound or outbound, but often it is referring to the inbound only

Inbound digital mailroom

A digital mailroom is not confined to incoming paper-based mail. Any incoming mail sources can be included from faxes to social media. However, it is often hard copy mail and email.

Hard copy mail is routed to an outsourced digital mailroom provider, like Restore Digital. This is often through a PO Box. On arrival the post is checked in an x-ray machine for any suspicious items.

Then an initial sort and classification takes place, that helps filter out SPAM and provide real time MI on expected quantities for the day.

The post is then opened, booked-in and prepared for scanning.

Once scanned the mail is uploaded into our system for you to access, or directly into your own, internal system.

Digital Mailroom Infographic

Similarly, emails are opened, and the main email and attachment are saved into the required system.

As the mail items are digitised, both hard copy post and emails are indexed and saved into team folders within the system. This ensures the correct team can start working on the day’s mail promptly.

Digital Mailroom Infographic

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Read and save our Digital Mailroom brochure

Digital Mailroom Brochure

Digital Mailroom Brochure

Read and save our brochure.

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Secure Destruction of Physical Mail after Digitisation

Confidential document destruction for homeworkers

Restore Datashred

Digitised physical mail that's not needed can be securely destroyed.

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