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Secure Electronic Data Management System

Secure Electronic Data Management System

Secure Electronic Data Management
System eView

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Secure Electronic Data Management System - eView

eView is Restore’s cloud-based electronic data management system which offers intelligent business process management with full audit, tracking and reporting functionalities. eView is a scalable solution that enables you to manage the lifecycle of your company’s and customers’ documentation with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.

The Restore eView solution combines scanning documents, indexing the Meta data (for fast searching of documents) and loading them into the restore cloud archive which can be accessed through our web portal.

Alternatively, we offer customers the option of integrating the digitised documents into their data storage system and provide the eView software to manage the documents.

Customers have the option for all physical documents to be scanned before being placed in the secure vault or have documents scanned when retrieval is requested therefore building up the electronic vault over a period of time.

eView Features:

  • Create, track and request documents
  • File conversion and data capture
  • Document classification and distribution
  • Key phrase and optical character recognition
  • Hosted documents and FTP delivery
  • Exception handling and report functions
  • Work-queue function
  • Retention management
  • Audit tracking and reporting

eView Inputs:

Every file, box, electronic document, image and piece of mail we manage enters our eView management system. As highlighted below, there is a wide range of inputs and outputs available to our customers.

Range of input sources, including

  • Physical files
  • Email
  • Portable devices
  • Electronic file transfer
  • Tailored systems integration

Range of output destinations:

  • Physical retrieval and tracking
  • Online viewing
  • Secure email delivery
  • Electronic file transfer
  • Custom systems integration

Why Restore?

We’re the largest, UK-owned, Document Management Company. Plc backed, we are fully accredited in terms of quality and compliance standards from Legal Admissibility, through to Secure Storage and a host of physical security and transport security standards.

LOGISTIC SERVICES: Our logistics department manages regular tracked collections throughout the UK. We also offer a large volume ‘lift and shift’ service.

PO BOX MANAGEMENT: Collection and processing of all inbound mail. Service optionally includes valuable item handling, such as cheques and passports.

DEDICATED WEB SERVICES: We have a long history of integrating our customers’ internal system into eView; increasing accessibility and traceability.

CLOUD-BASED: Using our online portal you can directly deliver electronic documents to us via the cloud.

TAG AND TRACK: Every item entering the production process is barcoded and tracked through our processes with automated reconciliation.

EMAIL INGESTION: Tracking and processing of documents submitted electronically via email so we can handle physical and electronic document management in the same process.

Clients & Industry Sectors
Our clients range from Public Sector, Construction, Energy and Public Utilities industries through to Engineering and Government Agencies. We also work with professional and financial services, from Law firms, Investment Management practices and Insurance Companies.

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