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GDPR for Document Management

Understand impacts of data protection regulation on your business

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance comes into effect in a matter of days now and though many businesses are aware of the law and what it requires, only 10% of people polled in a recent survey conducted by Restore said they have the right measures in place for handling paper records. And, of course, that doesn’t necessarily take into account all the digital data held on computers, laptops, servers, and mobile devices…

Here at the Restore Group, we can help.

Making sure we handle data professionally, securely and strictly in line with current and future protection regulations is the cornerstone of all our businesses, so we have a lot of experience and insights to give in ways to suit you.

  • Speak to our team of knowledgeable, approachable business consultants and digital specialists who will help you understand the impact of the incoming GDPR legislation on your organisation through a GDPR readiness assessment.
  • Get your organisation ready for GDPR changes with our GDPR Brochure. Covering paper and digital records, as well as the need for the compliant, secure destruction of both, our brochure will help you understand what’s needed, whether the changes apply to your organisation and highlights 13 key areas to look at in depth.
  • Manage the risks. We know that paper records represent a significant GDPR compliance risk. Data subjects have the right to report organisations who hold their data and they believe have infringed their rights to the supervisory authority, the ICO being the one in the U.K or take legal action through the courts to recover material OR non material damages. They do not have to prove any impact, such as reputational damage. The cost of non-compliance could be as high as £20 million or 4% of global turnover. Find out how to manage the risks in our webinar.

GDPR - Preparation and Compliance



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Dovetail File Tracking

Download our brochure to learn how you can lock down your on-site chain of custody and future-proof your business to all new data protection regulations.

Dovetail File Tracking