Secure Data Destruction

Onsite and Offsite destruction of hard disc, mobile and tablet data. Secure end-of-life management services

Return on Investment

Our IT hardware resale service will get you the best possible return for your redundant IT and mobile assets

IT Disposal

Environmentally dispose of your redundant IT and telecoms equipment, fully complying with the WEEE directive

IT Disposal

We offer the complete set of secure, end-of-life IT disposal services that put you back in control of all your data and media. We can come to you, bringing our portable CESG-approved destruction technologies to carry out degaussing, software wiping and physical destruction of all media types. Or we can arrange for the full service to take place at our in-house facilities.


WEEE Directive

When it comes to disposing of your IT assets, we are always mindful of our obligations regarding current legislation. These include not only the WEEE Directive for the safe destruction of electronic and electrical equipment but striving to achieve our aim of 0% landfill.


Return On Investment

Using our experience and connections we maximise the potential channels for resale equipment, managing and controlling sales to ensure the largest possible return for our customers.


IT Recycling

At IT Efficient we take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously. We are a major IT recycling business and we are mindful of the impact we can make on communities and on the environment. As such we always strive to meet our 0% landfill commitment.


Reuse - Refurbish - Recycle

We’re striving to achieve our aim of 0% landfill, a big ask when you consider that the average computer is composed of plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, circuit boards and glass.


Online Asset Portal

Restore IT Disposal provide all customers with access to an online reporting system for instant access to Data destruction certificates, Waste transfer notes and Hazardous consignment notes


Mobile Smart Devices

Our specialist Smart Device and Mobile Phone Division use processes that open up the options for re-sale.

We are motivated to sell wiped and refurbished equipment for the highest return and can achieve up to 50% higher values than some other IT recycling companies.


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