It’s estimated that there are 794 million mobile phones alone in Europe, of which close to 500 million are changed each year. Most of them contain highly confidential business or personal information… Before re-using or recycling through destruction, at Restore we offer a secure solution to remove data such as contacts, email and photos from all types of mobile device, including: smartphones, Blackberrys and tablets. We work with our accredited partner, Tabernus, and use their DataWipe Phone Erasure Software to carry out a three-step service either on site or at our facilities. It’s a fast, efficient process that is user-friendly and generates reports and full audit trail for end user and processor.

Step 1 – Restore. Restore the device to factory condition.

Step 2 – Erase. Load DataWipe and overwrite the desired number of passes.

Step 3 – Report. Remove DataWipe, restore the phone to factory condition again, and generate our report.

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CASE STUDY: A Second Life

The challenge - our client, who employs over 5,000 people within EMEA, asked us to provide a secure end of life asset management service for their mobile phones across all these sites. The service needed to co-ordinate the collection and resale or destruction of the mobile devices – the full end-to-end process.

Our solution - this client had been using IT Efficient for IT Asset Disposition services during the previous eight years and wanted to replicate the smooth process they had experienced for all their mobile devices. So, after working with the client to fully understand their requirements, we agreed on on-site mobile phone wiping, in partnership with our service provider, Tabernus. We were able to give a full report for each device showing that all data had been removed.

The benefits - the clean mobile devices were given a second life and sold on through our resale channels and the client received over £11,000 in returned revenues.

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