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Welcome to the
Wellbeing page

Here you will find lots of information on
staying safe and well, at work and at home


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Everyone's talking about social distancing at the moment

Learn all about social distancing, why it's important and what you need to do to keep safe at work


Tips for online
meeting etiquette

Ten top tips to help you keep work video meetings productive and professional

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Need some help with
healthy eating?

Ten top tips from the NHS and the Association of UK dieticians to help you eat healthily

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Worried about coronavirus and your mental health?

Read the top ten tips from the NHS Every Mind Matters campaign on how to take care of your mind

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Getting used to
working from home?

Read our top ten tips on getting the most out of homeworking

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Working from home with
children in the house?

Ten top tips to help you work from home with your children in the house too

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Loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic

It's hard in situations like this. Tackle loneliness with the help of these simple tips...

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Finding all of this
change difficult?

Read our top ten tips on how to cope with change at work due to the coronavirus situation

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Wondering how to talk to kids
about coronavirus?

Ten top tips from the Young Mind's Charity to help you talk to the children at home too

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Tips to help develop your resilience during the pandemic

Become resilient, protect yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you...

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Feeling stressed out about coronavirus?

Here's some information all about stress, what are the signs and what you can do if you feel stressed


Things to do - learn something new

Want to learn a new skill and keep your mind active? Here's some ideas to help you do just that...

Learn something new


Things to do - get creative

Doing something creative can take your mind off your worries.  It's fun too. Here's some inspiration to get you started...

Get Creative


Things to do - enjoy the arts at home

Are you missing going out to watch a play or see a show? Here's how to bring the arts home...

Enjoy the Arts


Things to do - relax and unwind

Taking time to relax is great for reducing stress levels and improving mood. Here's some ideas to help you unwind...

Get relaxing


Things to do - exercise at home

Physical activity can boost self-esteem, energy, mood and sleep quality. Here's some ideas to help you exercise at home...

Get fit


Things to do - staying connected

Staying connected is key to maintaining relationships and good for our mental wellbeing too. Here's some inspiration...

Stay connected