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Are you in need of confidential shredding but are concerned about the impact to the environment? Restore are a recycling business that cares passionately about the environment and the company’s impact on it. 

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Confidental Shredding
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Announcing the new Sales Director appointment to Restore Datashred

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Restore provide clients with a range of document management options to help you organise and securely manage your company files and documentation. One of the options we provide is the opportunity to shred the documents that you no longer need. Customers use our shredding services when they either no longer have a use for the documents or they have digitised the document and no longer need the hard copy.

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on site shredding, onsite shredding
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Every business is aware of the importance of keeping secure documents confidential even when they are no longer needed. However, are you also aware of the need to confidentially dispose of data held on electrical items such as laptops and phones? This is a requirement for all businesses and is covered by the WEEE regulations. 

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confidential shredding
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Paper shredding services from Restore are available to businesses to help them dispose of sensitive and confidential documents such as personal information that colleagues or clients have provided in confidence.

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paper shredding services
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Is a lack of responsibility over information security putting UK businesses at risk of fraud? Anthony Pearlgood, Managing Director of Restore Datashred, discusses ways of combatting data protection issues, enabling organisations to improve anti-fraud controls

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In an age where faking is big business, it is vital to have a solid process for disposing of information as a part of your information management strategy. More importantly, it’s the law. Paper shredding and document destruction can help reduce that risk

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Confidential Shredding Services
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Are you looking for paper shredding services, to spring clean your workplace? At Restore we offer the services that can enable you to dispose of your unwanted paperwork in a secure and efficient manner.

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paper shredding services
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Our document shredding service is perfect for your business if you are interested in disposing of sensitive and confidential documents in a safe and secure manner.

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