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How much does document scanning cost?

When we price up scanning work, unfortunately a lot of factors come into play, hence it can be frustrating that ballpark figures aren't available on websites like ours.

Firstly to provide an accurate ballpark, we need to understand how straight forward the scanning project is. Therefore, if you give us a call, you'll be asked a series of simple questions which will help us determine:

  • Are these paper documents?
  • The size of the documents
  • The quantity of documents
  • Are they double sided?
  • Are they unified in type?
  • Will they require prep work, like staples, post-its etc removing?

Then we need to understand how you would like the information. Is it a straight PDF - normally in the case of archiving the information online rather than physically storing the paper. Or would you like to push the data within the document into other systems within your organisation? This might involve meta tags, indexing and robotic processing, to release the information from the four walls of a PDF.

We appreciate it might be frustrating to never get a straight answer, but promise if your scanning job is small or straight forward, if you pop us an email or pick up the phone, you'll get your answer quickly, and most importantly accurately. | 0333 414 0087