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Document Management Services - Tracking

Document Management Services - Tracking

Document Management Services

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Document Management Services - Tracking

Restore utilises O’Neil’s software for its document management system. Its benefits, such as wide-ranging compatibility, random access filing, departmental billing and wireless communications for mobile, internet or point-to-point tracking are well known by records management professionals.

Manage, track and monitor your assets and item activity

You can manage, track and barcode any of your assets at our data centres by phone, fax, email or, if you prefer, by managing ordering and delivery through our online document management service.

This flexible and feature-rich information management and record tracking software allows you to easily and accurately manage, track and monitor the activity of any item stored (boxes, file folders, documents, and tapes) from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. Using RS-SQL reduces the time and effort it takes to access information and continues to set the industry standard in record storage management solutions. Best of all we offer the service completely free of charge to all our storage customers and are happy to set up the service for you.

RS-SQL allows you to optimize your operations and improve your ability to make fast and accurate decisions while:

  • Speeding the pace of your operations, taking the burden off your organisation.
  • Streamlining the ways content is shared and accessed throughout your business.
  • Bringing accuracy, systematic control, consistency and standardisation to your business processes.
  • Minimising the likelihood of litigation losses resulting from lost documents.
  • Enter reference information and destruction dates against your boxes, putting you in complete control.
  • Demonstrate to your customers their documents are secure

Implementing O’Neil’s software couldn’t be simpler with the Restore team doing the leg work for you, as well as offering on-going support should you need it. Moreover we offer the software as a complimentary service to all our storage customers, meaning you don’t pay a penny.


Grant Jewsbury, Business manager for O’Neil Software, Ltd. in the UK issued the following statement:

“Restore Ltd. has utilized our software extensively, leveraging the benefits of our technology to best serve their customers. Additionally their company has been extremely innovative in its use. They’ve created Dashboards for O’Neil’s RS-SQL® system, to provide a multi-site/multi-system nationwide overview; worked with O’Neil Partner vendors to create third party applications integration via the Application Programming Interface (API); used O’Neil’s RSWeb®.NET customization tools to tailor O’Neil’s product to suit their customers’ requirements; initiated an O’Neil Cloud project; and implemented a robust disaster recovery solution and a common policy for all acquisitions to run on RS-SQL systems. This is why the 2013 O’Neil Partner Record Centre of the Year Award for the EMEA Region went to this company, truly a leader in the records storage and management industry.

And ‘through the door’…

Dovetail has been designed by Restore to be a standalone application that can be fully customised to the requirements of your business. This bespoke software let’s you track your documents within your organisation; office to office, desk to desk. With this specially designed solution you can always know precisely where and who has all your documents at any time.

What does Dovetail deliver?

It provides file and asset tracking from desk to desk, from building to building. It’s right at the heart of your business so that you regain control of your internal data flow. Here’s how:

  • Improves staff efficiency, particularly messenger staff, by up to 25%.
  • Reduces archive size by up to 20% through superior auditing and control.
  • Saves space – a better organised system leaves less room for files lying on desks, and so on.
  • Provides a single hub for management, thus streamlining procedures and leaving less room for error.
  • Closes the gap for risk by confirming the audit trail to destruction.
  • Dovetails with your current system software and can be made internet/intranet ready for self-service access.
  • Interfaces smoothly and easily with O’Neil’s to join up all your organisation’s data and make it accessible at the touch of a button

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