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A Lighter Tread With Records Management Companies | Restore

Published on 02 August 2018

A Lighter Tread With Records Management Companies | Restore

The Carbon Trust was set up in 2001 to help businesses and governments use resources more efficiently, reducing carbon emissions, which is good for all of us. Their specialists work with organisations such as records management companies, on projects such as developing ways of using energy more efficiently or from renewable sources; establishing the carbon footprint of a city to see where carbon can be saved, or helping to set long- or short-term targets for reducing carbon emissions.

They also provide accreditation to acknowledge the work carried out in reducing environmental impact. The Carbon Trust helped Restore Records Management to improve our levels of recycling and find ways to reduce our energy usage. Records Management companies such as Restore, put many of their 10-Point Plan suggestions in place and have seen our energy efficiency improve as a result. 

It takes some thought to improve energy efficiency, and probably some investment, but the payback can be large and long-lasting. There are the clear environmental benefits of cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gases and the immediate benefit of reduced energy bills, but there are a few less obvious advantages, too. The jobs and innovation required to create low energy alternatives to current commodities, for example, and the reduced need to move oil and gas around, and the enhanced quality of life. Find out more about the Energy Saving Trust here.

For those of you who like that sort of thing, there’s a very technical infographic in our Corporate Responsibility magazine that explains how the anaerobic digester plant based in Suffolk works and helps to keep energy use down at our nearby storage facility.

For more about the Restore Group’s environmental work – including the Green Team, electric fleet vehicles and our work with the Woodland Trust – keep an eye out for our new Corporate Social Responsibility pages, coming soon at

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