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A sporting chance - Restore tape storage

Published on 23 April 2020

A sporting chance - Restore tape storage

With sport effectively cancelled for the foreseeable future, many of us are struggling with the loss of Wimbledon, the Olympics, F1 Grand Prix and, of course, football being on hold.

Step forward the BBC. In presumed desperation after seeing their summer schedule unravelling before their eyes, they have opened their sports archives so we can re-live some golden sporting moments. At time of writing there are 56 commentaries available on the podcast, including the FA Cup Final of 1973, Bruno v Tyson 1989, Redgrave’s five Olympic golds and Borg v McEnroe in 1980.

While the actual archive is not open to the public, snippets of film are available to watch on the BBC website – at the moment you can watch 1948 motor racing at Goodwood, 1977 hot rod racing (or pensioners’ sack racing if you prefer), or the 1999 Gloucestershire Cheese Race.

We can sort out your tape and media storage in secure off-site locations. We have sites across the UK which are temperature and humidity controlled with 24-hour security and fire suppression monitoring for all your computer and magnetic tapes as well as DVDs and CDs.

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