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All About Document Archiving

Published on 07 August 2019

All About Document Archiving

What is document archiving?

Document archiving is the process of moving and keeping documents in a safe place, so they can be accessed at a later time. Documents may be moved to a secure location as they are not regularly needed anymore, but still need or want to be kept. Archiving can take place onsite (such as in an office with a secure cabinet, or in building with a storage room), or off-site (such as in one of Restore Records’ secure facilities).

Although a company may be able to improve their onsite document management so that it becomes more efficient, a specialist company can save you space, time, and improve security. Placing documents in storage is a great measure for better safety, and Restore Records have full processes in place to make sure we are always taking care of your documents in the best way. With good archiving of documents, you can remain GDPR compliant, and have easier access to the information you need. 

Why should I be interested in document archiving?

If you care about protecting your documents, you should definitely be looking into document archiving. Archiving allows businesses to keep confidential information safe at a reinforced off-site location. This ensures that only the right people gain access to the stored documents. 

If you run a business, there are many documents that you may need to keep, and you should always know what the most important ones are and where they are stored. Not every business will have the necessary space to store all of their files. Physical space is often at a premium, and we understand that you’ll want to keep running costs at a minimum. You may be used to using storerooms and filing cabinets, however, there is an easier solution with document archiving companies.

We allow you to declutter your space of seemingly endless paperwork, and store them at one of our sites. Even if you’d like to keep some documents at your place of work, archiving historic documents helps to create order and ease of access to only the most relevant pieces of information, due to improved organisation. 

What types of document archiving are there?

The type of archiving solution you choose will depend on your documents and your needs. Nevertheless, whatever business or organisation you are part of, we think that we will be able to find a good solution for you. Restore Records provide both near and deep storage facilities, and for particularly sensitive information, we even offer ultra secure vault storage.

  • Near storage: Our near storage facilities are great if you still want to have more frequent access to information. With our closer storage, you can more easily access the active files that you need.

  • Deep storage: Our deep storage facilities are perfect if you won’t need to retrieve the archived material as much, or if you won’t need access to it for a long time. It is also good if you are using our facilities to preserve documentation (such as if to stay within legal guidelines) but don’t think you will need access to it anytime soon. Document examples include deeds, wills, financial information and old medical records.

If you’re not sure which type of archiving is most suitable for the documentation you have, we are always happy to advise further. 

Which type of archiving is right for me?

Even when you ask us to handle your document archiving, you still have ultimate control. Since 1954, we have helped empower customers, so that things are made easier for them. Through the years, we have gained a good idea about the types of archiving solutions that our customers are after, and have provided them with some of the best. With the many types of archiving options there are today, Restore Records hopes to find the right fit for you. 

One thing that influences the type of archiving you choose, is the frequency that you might want document retrieval. For example, if you need to access files frequently and want to locate certain information on a regular basis, near document storage would be right for you.

Moreover, our stringent security measures means that even for the most sensitive data, keeping your documentation secure is not an issue for us. We view no document archiving task as too big, too small, or too complex for us to handle.

What documents can be stored?

A range of paper files can be stored with Restore Records document archiving, although more of our services can be viewed here. We can store professional and personal information, and both public and private information. If you are not sure whether we will be able to store certain documents for you, just get in touch to check. 

Some of the documents we can store, include:

  • Customer invoices

  • Staff files

  • Financial balance sheets

  • Spreadsheets

  • Business reports

  • Project reports

How long can documents be archived for?

Whether long-term or short-term, we can hold documents for you. The length of time you should preserve documents will depend on the type of documents they are. For example, financial business information has to be kept for a minimum of 5 years, and customer information can also only be kept for so long, too. You should be aware of the relevant timelines for your company, and operate within them accordingly. For documents that you no longer need, it is good practice to employ a paper shredding service who can attend to your paper disposal needs.

In addition to documents that need to be retained for legal purposes, there may be other documents that your company wants to retain, as they could become relevant later on. These may include files such as information for tax purposes and information on work with past clients. You can read some of our helpful guidelines regarding retention length here.

Of course, you never know when you might require access to the documents that you have archived, and so with Restore Records, we are always on hand to help you get the documents you need, right when you need them.

What technology systems do you use for data archiving?

As an end-to-end document management service, we view it as part of our responsibility to give our customers the solutions that they are after. We can do this best when using the most up-to-date pieces of technology, and implementing them in our processes. This makes things even simpler for you, and provides even better results. 

To keep your documents as secure as possible, we use high-tech IT systems, such as our bespoke Dovetails tracking software. This supports file and asset tracking. Whether you are looking at current data, or interested to see how your files have been dealt with historically, the system gives you access to all the information you could want. Wherever your files are kept, you can track them, as Dovetail gives you visibility to all local and stored data. We also like Dovetail as it works seamlessly with your existing management systems. We offer you complete transparency and give you total control.

In summary, the Dovetail system:

  • Offers total control: It tracks all of your records, both in your company’s premises and in off-site locations.

  • Helps with GDPR compliance: It helps you solve important GDPR-related challenges by integrating multiple data sources.

  • Saves space: It reduces archive size through auditing of retention periods and disposal deadlines.

  • Improves efficiency: The single management hub saves you time in finding and retrieving files.

We also use O’Neil’s software, which further controls access to your records. With this piece of technology, confidential paperwork remains safe and secure at all times, whilst still making accessing what you need quick and simple.

Is document archiving safe?

Document archiving is a very secure method of maintaining your documents, especially if you choose to work with Restore Records. Even if there is particularly sensitive information that you wish to archive and have protected, we can offer enhanced security measures for this.

Renting out a regular storage space might be tempting, but this will not come with the expertise and extra security measures that Restore Records choose to implement. Our specially designed sites comprise of purpose-built buildings and are only accessible to approved individuals.

With the great reputation that we have upheld, and the many customers who have continued to love using our services, we think that you’ll be happy with our safety measures for your document archiving.

Why can I trust Restore Records?

Restore Records have worked in the document management industry for decades, and we are proud to hold the title of the largest UK-owned document management company. Despite this, we know that it’s not just our longevity or our size that makes us a good company; rather, it’s our commitment to our customers. We have high levels of customer satisfaction, and we are immensely happy about that.

With over 4000 companies choosing to work with us, our customers have included companies in industries such as accountancy, finance, insurance, law and media. We’ve even worked for hospital trusts and local councils! We have 15 million archive boxes of document files, film and computer tape kept across our facilities, and we are committed to protecting all the data that has been placed in our trusted care.

We protect your documents as we understand just how important this is to you. So if you don’t want to risk a data security breach, you can use our services to get the tightest security and best results.

How can Restore Records help with document archiving?

We value trust, security, care, and flexibility, and so we do everything in our power to provide this for our customers, too. In addition to being a trusted company for document archiving services, our flexible options mean that we are bound to find the right archiving solution for you. For example, we make things more convenient for you by letting our vetted employees move your paper documents from your site to our storage facility. With minimal physical exertion on your part, you’ll barely have to worry about lifting a finger! Furthermore, with 70 warehouses across the UK, you’ll never be too far away from one of our facilities. This ensures that you can swiftly access your files whenever you need them. 

Our document archiving process involves:

  • Taking inventory of the files you have asked us to store

  • Moving the files from your location to a secure storage facility

  • Recording the items and assigning each of them a specific location code

  • Systematically placing the documents in the relevant location within your chosen facility

  • Helping you locate and retrieve files whenever you need them

  • Supporting you further through our online system, customer portal, and excellent customer service

Additionally, our security measures include:

  • GPS-tracked vehicles

  • Access control

  • Fire suppressants

  • Air and humidity control

Contact Restore Records

Trust is one of the most important things when using a document management company, and we work closely with all of our clients, so they feel assured about the solutions we are providing them with. Restore’s comprehensive services mean that you can be sure that your documents will be archived properly with us. Whether you have been looking into document archiving for a while, or this is the first time you’ve heard about it, Restore Records is here to assist you.

Contact us today to discuss your archiving solutions. You can call us on 03300 376 323, and a friendly member of our team will be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively, feel free to submit your query through our online form and we’ll endeavour to respond to you promptly.

We look forward to hearing from you.