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Archive Document Storage as part of your Document Management

Published on 10 March 2020

Archive Document Storage as part of your Document Management

Ask any business owner or manager if they would like to improve their business efficiency and the answer would be a resounding 'yes'. To improve efficiency most businesses will look to streamline their processes. This can be done in a variety of ways but one of the most straightforward and easiest steps is to streamline your document management.

While you are busy running your business, there will be the inevitable build-up of paper that gathers around your office. Failing to keep on top of this will result in unnecessary clutter and a build-up of files consuming more and more space within the workplace.  


3 steps to efficiently manage your paperwork 

There are three areas that you can target to help streamline your place of work to improve efficiency, which in turn can lead to enhanced productivity. Tackling these one at a time in easy to manage stages can have a positive impact on the way you and your staff work with your customers, trading partners and suppliers.

Step 1: Look at your paper flow 

Probably the quickest and easiest step to take is to reduce the amount of paper you generate in the workplace. There is no denying that paperwork can quickly build up given the concerns around GDPR requirements relating to the risks associated with the storage and disposal of data. 

Look at how you generate new paperwork and assess each step of your paper trail to see whether it is necessary to produce printed copies. If there is a paper-free alternative, then look at ways to implement this in an effective way to help reduce the amount of paperwork generated in your workplace. 

There is always a genuine need to produce a paper copy of a file but it can easily become the norm. Ask your staff why they are printing out a copy of a file and if they reply, 'because we always do it this way,' then you may have found a quick win to reduce the paper you generate. You should reiterate to all staff when it is appropriate to print out a paper copy and when it is not.  


Step 2: Use archive document storage services

One obvious area that can help in streamlining your workplace is filing and storage practices. Freestanding office filing cabinets are the most standard and convenient solution to the management of your paperwork. Many businesses will also use dedicated storage rooms fitted out with racking where they store files in plastic or cardboard storage boxes. The major downside of both of these solutions is the amount of valuable office and storeroom space they take up. 

When you consider that most business owners will rent their business premises, it can be very costly to rent the floor space you need where a significant area is dedicated to storing your paperwork. You will be effectively paying out rent on unproductive floorspace. 

By using an archive document storage service, such as Restore Records Management, to manage your paperwork, you will be able to free up a lot of floor space within your workplace to allow you to employ more staff or provide existing staff with more space to undertake their work.  

You must consider your employee's mental health and well-being so allowing your staff more space and removing the clutter around them will improve the working environment and may allow for more natural light and better air circulation associated with open space. 


Secure off-site archive document storage 

It can be much easier and safer for you to manage your business paperwork by using secure off-site archive document storage with Restore Records Management. We can offer you a complete end-to-end management system for your company paperwork that will help to keep your confidential data safe and secure. 

Restore offers everything from the initial uplift of your archive documents to the safe transportation, delivery and storage of your data to one of our secure storage facilities. Our document management services can then look after your valuable paperwork right through to the audited destruction at the end of their useful life. 

A lot is riding on your ability to keep the data you collect safe and out of the hands of criminals that could use the data to commit business fraud and ID theft. Your reputation as a trusted company is at stake if you fail to protect the sensitive data you hold in an appropriate manner. 

Every UK business has to comply with Data Protection Act regulations, otherwise they expose themselves to the risk of financial penalty for non-compliance. There have already been severe fines issued to companies where a data breach has taken place. 

This is why working with Restore Records Management makes good business sense. Our services help you to adhere to data protection regulations and offer an extra layer of physical protection that you would find difficult to provide in your workplace.


What archive document storage facility is right for you?

For paper files and records that are still active and that you may need to access on occasion, then you can choose our secure off-site near storage facilities. With 70 secure document storage warehouses situated across the UK, we are bound to have a facility that is close to you. 

When you have documents that you may not need to access very often, or even at all, but you need to keep these for a specific length of time to comply with data protection rules and for auditing purpose, then you should choose our secure off-site deep storage facilities.

Deep storage facilities are very useful for long-term storage of documents that you will want to keep safe and protected for a long time, and in some cases, forever! These may include documents such as wills, property deeds, historical business documents, financial and medical records. 


How secure is archive document storage? 

Restore Records Management provides archive document storage services that are fully vetted at every level. This means that right from day one your valuable business documents will be collected by our fully vetted security staff wearing our branded company uniform. Our staff will also carry company ID so you will know it is our highly trained team of security experts that will be collecting from your premises. 

We employ GPS-tracked vehicles so you will know exactly where your documents will be at all times during their transportation to our secure storage facilities. Our storage facilities are all security access controlled and CCTV monitored 24 hours per day. 

Our storage facilities use the most appropriate fire suppressants and fire protection systems suitable for their stored content. Our facilities are also installed with air and humidity controls to ensure a stable environment for your documents. 

We operate to BS7858:2012, BS1571:2009 and USSA Code of Practice standards. 


Secure document management system 

Putting your business paperwork into archive storage doesn't mean that it will be the last you will ever see of it. Out of sight, out of mind isn't how we operate at Restore Records Management. 

We run a very efficient document management and software system that gives you controlled online access to your files. You will know exactly where your files are at all times and if you need any of your files, you can order their retrieval at the touch of a button. Your file boxes will be barcoded and tagged to be easily traced for retrieval and collection.


Our records management system keeps your confidential records safe and protected, so only our authorised security staff have access to them. Our facilities are access controlled and security monitored, preventing any unauthorised entry from the general public or anyone wishing to do your company harm by stealing your data. 

No one can simply wander into our secure storage facilities off the street and our careful fire protection and security systems will help protect your business documents from the threat of arson, accidental fire, flood or theft. 


Step 3: Secure disposal of expired business paperwork 

No matter how good you are at sorting and filing your paperwork, eventually, your business will accumulate a lot of files and stored paperwork that will eventually need disposal. There are certain documents that your business needs to keep for a specified length of time for auditing purposes, but others will become redundant and the number of redundant files you store will grow over time if you don't have a robust secure disposal system in place. 

Here you can look to Restore for help too! The Restore group of companies not only offer the perfect solution for your archive document storage needs but once those documents become obsolete, we can also help with the secure disposal of your sensitive data. 


Restore can help with secure paper disposal

Once your paperwork has expired you cannot simply throw them away or take them. It is your responsibility by law to make sure you safely dispose of this waste to protect the sensitive data they contain. You will also need to have proof of the chain of custody and a certificate of destruction for auditing purposes.

Restore Records Management as part of our storage service will be able to handle the safe and secure disposal of your paperwork. You will not need to retrieve your documents from our secure storage facilities and arrange the disposal from your premises, as you will with other storage companies. We offer a complete chain of custody that handles the secure collection, storage and disposal of your paperwork.  

If you also have redundant IT equipment then Restore Records Management can help you with its disposal as a part of our service. And if there is value in that equipment then we may even be able to share some of the sale proceeds with you.  

So you can see that Restore Records Management can provide a full range of archive document storage services as part of your document management. These can help you manage your paperwork more efficiently and securely, whatever size business you manage. Why not contact our team today to find out how our archive document storage services can benefit your business.