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Restore Records Management News

Published on 23 June 2015

Are records management Companies a safe offsite storage solution

With many companies choosing to house their important and often sensitive documents offsite with a records management company, how do you know your documents are safe and secure?

Data Security

The question is, do you know your records are safe and secure stored at your own premises?

As recent as June 2015, companies around the world are being audited and found to be non compliant when it comes to storing sensitive data, including printed documents and also digital information too. So it is very important to make sure that as a business you are careful in the way you handle your data, and if you are looking to outsource, you need to be sure that the records management company you choose for your offsite document and data storage is safe and secure too. 

Questions to ask your potential records management company 

Staff and Premises 

How secure are your storage premises? How are your staff vetted? At Restore all our staff are checked fully, or vans are GPS tracked our premises all have CCTV and alarm systems too. Your records can also be held deep underground in ex-military areas that cannot be identified on Google Maps and are carved out of stone (Vault Storage). It sounds like something from a spy movie, but your record management safety and security are as important to us as it is to your business. 

Added services with the storage vaults cover: 

  • BS 5454 
  • CCTV 
  • Specialist air handling, latest desiccant technology 
  • Choice of entry pads and locks 
  • Specialist account management 
  • Conservation advice 
  • RFID tags 
  • On-line Software for monitoring asset movement, desk-to-desk-to-Vault 
  • Specialist racking 


What standards do you comply with? At Restore we comply to the security elements of BS 5454 for stored documents and are accredited by BSI to ISO 27001 for information security which includes: 

  • “The provision of secure data capture, storage and management service for paper and electronic documentation including online digital archive and retrieval.” 
  • “The provision of a confidential document collection, sorting, bailing, shredding, destruction and recycling service incorporating the requirements of BS 7858:2012, BS 15713:2009 and UKSSA Code of practice.” 
  • “Electronic Document control solutions” – ISO 27001 


How do you track our documents? Restore have a system in place that offers award winning traceability. The process can be seen here: 

To help you decide: 

We’re the largest, UK-owned, Document Management company. Plc backed, We are fully accredited in terms of quality and compliance standards from Legal Admissibility, through to Secure Storage and a host of physical security and transport security standards. Click here to see how you can contact us or call 0844 725 5540 for help and advice.