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Being Less Car-Minded With Records Management Companies | Restore

Published on 06 September 2018

Being Less Car-Minded With Records Management Companies | Restore

In 1994 Eric Britton, the American political scientist and sustainability activist, talked at the Accessible Cities Conference in Toledo about creating car-free days in cities across the world. The aim was to hold carefully planned events to demonstrate how feasible it is to use bikes and public transport rather than cars for every journey, to highlight the benefits of local working and shopping and to build a sense of community.

The first days took place in 1996 in Bath, La Rochelle and Reykjavik. Events over the years have met with varying degrees of success and popularity, but by 2000 the original carfree day had grown to become European Mobility Week and the World Carfree Network was born.

These days, Jakarta is famous for embracing carfree day to such an extent that the main avenues in the city are closed every Sunday morning and they attract tens of thousands of residents to jog, cycle or just walk around and socialise. Bogotá closes over 120km of its roads on Sundays, with the spaces being used by cyclists, musicians and for exercise classes. Cities in India, the United States, Belgium, Australia and on the African continent (to name just a few) also close roads on at least an annual basis.

And this year London’s Mayor has backed calls for all London boroughs to embrace World Carfree Day 2018 and join the 840 other cities in Europe alone that are involved so far. Not all the cities are totally banning cars for the day, although a hefty proportion are, but instead are arranging activities such as cycling and walking or implementing permanent changes such as new cycle routes or improvements to public transport networks.

Whilst it would be difficult for Records Management Companies such as Restore to carry out some of our services without transport, we do keep emissions to a minimum. Our modern fleet is well maintained and fitted with current technologies and telematics systems to ensure drivers choose the most economical routes and are up-to-date with best practice in fuel efficient driving – and we have bronze FORS accreditation to back up our claims!

So how do you feel about the idea of car-free days in cities? Chaos or calm?

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