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Why you should Choose Secure Offsite Storage

Our secure offsite backup is a great way to protect your sensitive company data from risks. Having it safely stored away from your office will prevent any data breaches happening from break-ins and burglaries and be protected from the risks that are ever-present on business premises, such as a fire or flood.

Do You Need Heritage Storage for Your Valuables?


When you are the proud owner of certain types of valuables, you face a dilemma.  You want to protect them, keep them safe and ensure their value is maintained. But you don’t have the right facilities at your home.  The answer comes from a system called Heritage Storage – but how do you know if you need it?

Eight Facts About Document Archiving

In the digital world, Document Archiving has a slightly different meaning.  It is a way for companies to save documents and information without taking up space on the main server. Here are some facts about document archiving to understand it better.