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Cheers to the end of Dry January

Published on 30 January 2020

Cheers to the end of Dry January

Finland appears to have come up with the idea of a Sober January in 1942, but in the UK it was started by Alcohol Concern (now Alcohol Change UK) in 2013 – feels like it’s been around much longer than that, doesn’t it? Public Health England came on board in 2015 and it’s since gone from strength to strength.

Dry January is put forward as a way to ‘re-set your relationship with alcohol’ after a possibly very wet December, and to remind yourself of the benefits of remaining sober. While the jury’s out on the long-term health benefits of abstaining for just one month a year, research has found that for the six months following Dry January over half of participants have managed to keep their drinking at a lower level than previously.

The NHS are very much on board with the Dry January message – even if complete abstinence isn’t achieved for the month, for a heavy drinker the health benefits of reducing alcohol intake long term range from lowering blood pressure through reducing the risk of diabetes to lowering cancer-related proteins in the blood.

Restore provides records management services to over a quarter of NHS Trusts and understands the complex and sensitive requirements of hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries. 

As well as our more than 70 secure storage facilities across England, Scotland and Wales and barcoding to track each and every file, we can work alongside Restore Digital to offer scanning solutions for current and legacy documents. Not only can this help reduce administration for professionals within the NHS, it can help the NHS move forward with the government’s aims to reduce reliance on paper.

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