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Data protection: it’s no racket

Published on 19 April 2018

Data protection: it’s no racket

25 May is now no longer on the horizon but fast approaching (find out how many days here GDPR), kicking up a cloud of dust behind it, as it rides into force across the EU. Time to get organised at last… or reach for the aspirin?

GDPR is an EU regulation that aims to strengthen the rules on how companies look after and share the personal data of their customers and staff, which includes all data and information that identifies a person. For businesses, this involves auditing current data protection measures, documenting all the information held and ensuring data handling procedures are GDPR compliant.

This shouldn’t be too time consuming if you are FCA- or PRA-accredited or hold ISO 27001, but otherwise for medium-sized and large companies this could be a lengthy process. For smaller businesses it will probably bring on a migraine.

The upside is that the quality and integrity of the data held should improve and it may push companies into thinking about how and why they capture customers’ information. Individuals will also have greater control over what happens to their personal information.

Funnily enough, the recent furore over social media and its capture and use of personal information to enable targeted influencing is exactly the kind of thing GDPR will attempt to lock down.

From 25 May, European users of social media should see changes such as needing to opt in to enabling data use rather than having to opt out and expanded privacy management tools.

Violating the regulation could incur hefty fines of 4% of global revenue, which are enough to give anyone a nosebleed on top of that potential migraine.

Restore’s business is the correct, compliant handling of data, so we’re experts and you can trust us to have our house in order. Not only that, we are ready and willing to pass on our knowledge and wisdom about the steps to take to get your own business affairs in good shape – whether that’s a root and branch information audit, or help with installing document management software or going down the digitisation route for more instant accessibility – speak to one of our approachable account managers to find out more, or go here GDPR for the written word…