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Do You Need Heritage Storage for Your Valuables?

Published on 07 August 2018

Do You Need Heritage Storage for Your Valuables?


When you are the proud owner of certain types of valuables, you face a dilemma.  You want to protect them, keep them safe and ensure their value is maintained. But you don’t have the right facilities at your home.  The answer comes from a system called Heritage Storage – but how do you know if you need it?


Temperature and humidity

The first thing to consider is if temperature and humidity could detrimentally affect your valuables.  In most cases, it is best to keep items at a temperature lower than in a normal home because the warmer it is, the more chemical and biological reactions take place.  And these reactions have the potential to damage the items. Controlling the temperature in your home can be tricky to the desired levels and that’s why specialist heritage storage is used.

The situation with humidity is similar.  The aim is to keep it at a fairly stable setting as those changes can damage many types of valuables.  For instance, wood and textiles can shrink or swell if the humidity is too high or too low. And mould can grow when humidity reaches 70% or above causing catastrophic damage.


Lighting and pest management

Damage from visible and ultraviolet light can build up over time and therefore another important part of heritage storage is ensuring that it has the right sources of light.  Storage experts commonly use LED and UV-filtered lights because these don’t damage the valuables and are better than incandescent or halogen bulbs. Another reason is that they don’t create any heat which can interfere with temperature and humidity.

Perhaps the most devastating damage comes not from climate conditions but from pests.  Heritage storage involves ensuring the space is pest-free and remains that way, so no pests can get access.  It also avoids the need for chemical pest treatments that can potentially damage the valuables as badly as the pests themselves.

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