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Document Management Services - Restore

Published on 08 May 2018

Document Management Services - Restore


Most businesses are taking steps towards operating in a paper-free environment, this is particularly true in the medical and law sectors. However, whilst trying their best to reduce their use of paper, they appreciate that paper-based tasks are not going to go away.

While industry is investing in more digital technologies to reduce their paper use and lessen the impact on the environment, many will still need to use a traditional record and documentation system that is fundamentally paper-based from beginning to end.

For example, paper files used in cases of law can run into thousands of pages, which can quickly build up into a sizeable volume. Law firms are utilizing digital record retrieval wherever possible to reduce or eliminate the excessive use of paper, but in most cases hard copies of documents are needed throughout the life of cases.

Once cases are concluded, all the related paperwork must be kept securely stored and excess copies that contain sensitive data must be disposed of in accordance with government compliance. It is much the same for medical records and business financial and customer records. Strict, secure storage and approved on-site or off-site shredding services, such as those offered by Restore, are necessary for the safe handling of sensitive documentation.


Safe Document Management Services


Until the time that electronic record keeping replaces paper-based systems, many industries will still be producing millions of paper documents that will need to be securely stored. But this also poses an extra problem for these industries, that of the added cost of their documentation storage.

This is particularly true for business owners, concerned about their bottom line. With the need to minimise production costs to help boost profits, paying rent for extra storage space is simply a waste of hard earned money. Not only is this a drain on the company finances, but storing that much paperwork is also an obvious fire hazard.

Many businesses insurance companies look at document storage rooms contained on business premises as a liability and therefore insurance premiums can rise because of it. So not only does a business owner have to factor in the extra expense of self-storing business records, but also with paying out more on business insurance.


How Restore Document Management Can Help


With Restore, you don't have to worry about providing on-site secure storage facilities for your paper-based archives. We can safely store and manage your records for you, including other data such as heritage records and back up tapes.

Restore currently manage over 15 million boxes of archived materials, including computer tapes and films. We have conveniently situated secure warehouse storage facilities in more than 70 locations spread across the country. This means that your archived documents will still be accessible and not located miles away from your business somewhere remote on the other side of the country.

We have over 4,000 satisfied customers from all business and industrial sectors, including corporate, financial, medical, law and accountancy firms, as well as local government authorities and trusts. Restore are considered to be a trusted partner that helps to maximise their efficiency, keep costs and expenditures down, and protect their sensitive information and data.

Restore can help you with the following document management services:

·         Secure off-site Document Storage

·         Backup Tape Storage

·         Ultra-secure heritage item storage

·         Ensuring your business is future-proofed and responsive to GDPR


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