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Ed Sheeran’s Lost CD

Published on 10 September 2020

Ed Sheeran’s Lost CD

Not, perhaps, as exciting as a Lost Weekend but probably more lucrative!

Apparently, when Ed Sheeran was a wee nipper, he made about 20 copies of a demo CD. He seems to have been rather proud of it at the time as he gave copies out to various people, but he’s since retrieved 19 of those copies. One alleged copy (it had no sticker on it, and Mr Sheeran states all copies had stickers) has just been auctioned for £50,000 after being discovered in a drawer.

Drawers really aren’t the best place to keep valuable data.

We really don’t recommend it. CDs, DVDs and magnetic tapes need specialist storage. We have media storage facilities nationwide, with state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controls, fire suppression systems and 24-hour security.

And to make doubly sure you don’t lose track of any CDs, we use smart online file and asset tracking software. It works at your premises and ours – ‘through the keyhole’, if you remember that programme. Each item, file or document can be barcoded and tracked so you know its exact location – whether in off-site storage or on a different floor in your building – and you will know when it’s due for despatch to deeper storage or secure destruction.

It will also mean you’ll always know if a CD is lurking in a colleague’s desk drawer, although we can’t guarantee it’ll have a market value like that of Mr Sheeran.

For details about how we look after your digital and magnetic media, get in touch with one of our friendly, well informed team.