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Restore Records Management News

Published on 26 February 2015

Everything you need to know about our Records Management and Records Storage services

Here at Restore we are proud to be the UK’s largest archive document storage company and be able to offer you a range of services that suit your business’ needs. Our experienced team have been working with you for many years to offer a bespoke storage solution so you don’t have to worry and can trust in us to handle your important documents. 

Many people often wonder what exactly is ‘Record Management’ and what does it involve us doing?

The definition of Record Management is “The professional service of controlling important records for an organisation through its life” 

What does this work involve? 

  • Classifying
  • Prioritising 
  • Storing
  • Securing
  • Archiving 
  • Preserving
  • Retrieving 
  • Tracking
  • Destroying

Here at Restore we can offer your business document archiving so that all of your documents are safely stored, however giving you the option to easily access them whenever needed! There are different options to choose from in how you can order your documents – either by phone, email or online so that they can be quickly delivered to your workplace or home.

What happens when I no longer need my documents? 

When there comes a time that you no longer need your documents to be stored so that you access them you can either opt for them to be transferred into deep storage or we can securely destroy them for you. We are able to destroy both paper and digital data as we are alerted to scheduled disposal dates using our propriety software.

How can I be sure that all of my documents have been destroyed? 

Here at Restore Document Management we know that it is important for your Company to remain private, even when data is wiped off a disc or paper is destroyed you can never be 100% sure. Due to this we provide you with auditable trails and certificates of destruction so that you can always remain certain that your documents have been destroyed. 

Do you want to know more about our Records Management service? Visit our website to find out all the details about how we can help keep your business documents secure Want to get in touch with us to discuss what bespoke service we can offer your business? Call our friendly team now on 0844 725 5540 so we can discuss the most suitable option for you.