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Restore Records Management News

Published on 28 September 2017

Exploring new worlds in document management

4-10 October is World Space Week with the theme this year of ‘Exploring New Worlds in Space’.

@WorldSpaceWeek Association was founded in 1981 and aims to increase space education and awareness through events at schools, museums, planetaria, space agencies, aerospace companies, etc.

World Space Week has been held from 4-10 October every year since 1999 and, last year, involved over 2,700 events taking place around our blue marble in space.

While looking forward to an exciting Jetsons-style future, it is worth remembering the bravery and ingenuity of all involved at the beginning of the space race. The 32kg Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC), responsible for safely navigating Apollo 11 to the Moon and back, had approximately 72KB storage and operated at 0.043MHz. It made use of the previously untested silicon chip…

Of course, an entry-level laptop in 2017 weighs 1.6kg and has over 1TB of storage, operating at 2.3GHz.

Although the AGC sounds rather basic it only had one job to do, which was programmed in using lean, efficient coding. There were two AGCs on each mission, one in the command unit and one in the lunar module. They were each programmed according to their different tasks, except for overlapping operations such as docking procedures. The AGC worked perfectly for all Apollo missions.

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