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Restore Records Management News

Published on 22 September 2017

GDPR: no DPO? So how do you know……where anything is?!

Can you instantly locate all the emails and phone call recordings for a customer or an employee? What about communications made with customers on mobile devices or information that’s ‘in transit’? How do you keep tabs on your employees’ use of social media in day-to-day business or even on the use of personal information implicit in the exchange of business cards? Don’t forget to factor in all your as yet undigitised paper records: how would you transmit those electronically, and without hugely labour intensive effort, in response to a data subject request and within the required time frame?

Five main principles of the GDPR are:

· Control – data subjects should have the means to control the processing of their personal data
· Minimise – you should restrict the amount of processed personal data to a required minimum
· Inform – you let data subjects know when their personal information is at risk
· Demonstrate – data controllers and processors must be able to show compliance
· Enforce – your privacy policy must be known and used correctly by all teams and departments.

Sound data protection has many commercial and governance benefits, of course, which should be of keen interest to the board or senior management team. Drawing together and gaining the buy-in of every department, assigning projects to relevant managers in areas such as HR, IT, marketing and sales, and employing an experienced and knowledgeable Data Protection Officer (DPO) will help get the ball rolling…

But wait. 

If you’re an SME, you very likely will not have the luxury of a DPO to help smooth the path for this new legislation. Yet comply with it you must. So how can you keep on top of those paper trails, email and mobile devices while collaborating with all departments and suppliers? If only there was some magical software that could help…


We’d like to draw your attention to Dovetail, Restore’s bespoke in-house file and asset tracking software (

What does it do?

Dovetail integrates multiple data sources, making process status instantly visible and making files and assets stored across many different locations a non-issue. Restore tailors it to your business so that you can track every piece of information or item from desk to desk, office to shelf, for the whole of its lifecycle, wherever you keep it.

You can use Dovetail to keep sensitive, personal information private and shared by the few, not the many. You can nominate specific individuals, small teams or whole departments for access. Even when interfacing with off-site data management software, that customer (and employee) data stays private to your nominated network – closing gaps for risk and ensuring your and your customers’ peace of mind. You’ll find it dovetails beautifully with your existing management systems, blends seamlessly with ours.

Find out at how we can help you meet the main principles of the GDPR securely and efficiently, and put an end to that never-ending in-house paper chase.

Our experienced team of business consultants and digital specialists are on hand to guide you through the potential impacts of the GDPR with a free health check, assessment, sets of guidelines, knowledge and expertise. We can help you build a practical plan that will not only help you manage GDPR compliance but future-proof your organisation to respond to new data protection regulations.

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