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Helping the NHS meet their goals

Published on 04 December 2019

Helping the NHS meet their goals

As the latest general election looms we’re being swamped with stories about funding shortages in the NHS and different plans to alleviate this over the next few years. In the meantime, NHS trusts are working to make the most of the funding they currently receive.

There are around 60 million people registered with a GP in England alone (which doesn’t tally with ONS population figures – but that’s another story!). That’s an awful lot of records to store – which include test results, X-rays, referral letters, treatments and medications covering entire lifespans. With an estimated five million GP appointments – in addition to A&E visits, outpatient appointments and hospital admissions – taking place each week in England, the number of records increases at an astonishing pace. 

As well as our 70+ secure storage facilities across England, Scotland and Wales and barcoding and records management software to track each and every file, we can work alongside Restore Digital to offer scanning solutions for live and legacy documents. Our systems ultimately help increase face-to-face patient time for NHS professionals, free up valuable space for beds and clinics, and bring the whole organisation into a ‘less paper’ way of working – in line with the government’s vision and the NHS’ own Long-Term Plan.  

Restore provides records management services for over a quarter of NHS trusts and we understand the complex and sensitive requirements of hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries. To chat to one of our experienced team, someone who understands NHS processes and can tailor-make a plan for you, just call us 0333 060 8909.

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