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How looking after your assets in secure storage will pay off

Published on 07 December 2018

How looking after your assets in secure storage will pay off

An Unexpected Bonus

The precioussssss book, minus its dust jacket but in otherwise pretty good condition, was discovered by the store manager in one of 30 boxes of books donated to the store. The dusty boxes were full of theological books – and The Hobbit. An unusual combination, and I imagine the donor of the boxes is now kicking themselves. From the condition of the boxes and the books it sounds like they had been in a loft or an unused room, rather than cared for in a proper storage facility.

Just imagine if the original owner had had an online document management system. They would have known which book was in which box.

A good document management system will keep track of your documents – which include accounts, annual reports, board meeting minutes, maps, building plans, surveys, books, HR letters and employee data – from your desk to your near or deep store and back again, ensuring you can keep watch over your valuable assets and documents. As a nifty added and essential benefit, the ability to demonstrate close control of all the information contained in your paperwork also helps with GDPR compliance.

I’ll sign off now to go and scan the shelves of my local Oxfam shop.

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