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How Secure Document Storage Can Help Your Business

Published on 02 September 2020

How Secure Document Storage Can Help Your Business

While many offices across the UK have gone mostly digital and paper-free, not every aspect of business can be successfully managed online. Secure document storage for your company files is one of them.

Some business documents can be scanned and stored virtually, but most businesses will generate a substantial amount of printed confidential files and financial records and these hard copies will need to be kept safe for several years for legal reasons.

Rather than trying to keep them safely stored on your business premises and risk you and your staff drowning in boxes of paperwork and having their office space taken up with filing cabinets, you can choose to use off-site secure document storage instead.

Depending on the size and nature of your business, you will likely need a lot of physical floor space and secure storage rooms to be able to store your long-term paperwork. It can actually work out more cost-effective to make good use of off-site records storage for your paperwork for a number of reasons. Let's take a look at some of these...

Why should I use secure document storage?

No matter what type of business you run, it makes a lot of sense to use secure document storage services provided by a well-trusted specialist company, such as Restore Records Management.

While the thought of letting another company take care of your extremely sensitive documents for you may seem scary to begin with, it can be a good move because you can make your business much more efficient and secure.

The most obvious benefit will be the amount of floor space you will be able to free up by moving your filing boxes and filing cabinets to a secure off-site facility. One of the main reasons why a growing business needs to move offices so often is the fact that they quickly out-grow their available office space very quickly because of the ever-increasing floor space needed to store their business documentation.

As well as freeing up more floor space in your office to allow you staff to spread out and create a healthier working environment free of clutter and bulky filing cabinets, you will have more elbow room to spare when on-boarding new staff.

This can save you a fortune because you may not need to move to larger office facilities to accommodate new staff as your business grows.

Creating more robust security for your sensitive information

The benefit of extra office space, secure document storage can boost your business security.

As you should already know, you have a responsibility under the law to protect your sensitive customer and business data from the risk of data theft or a data breach. You need to keep your business documents secure at all times and while you keep them on your business premises, there is always an increased risk that someone with malicious intent will attempt to steal your data.

Data criminals commonly target small to medium-sized businesses and organisations where people can freely walk around unchallenged, so not even large corporations are safe from opportunist data thieves simply walking in and helping themselves to your files.

ID fraudsters often pose as cleaners, maintenance workers, safety inspectors, couriers and delivery people to gain access to a building for the sole purpose of targeting data that is openly sitting around offices and unsupervised storerooms.

A lot of data fraud is conducted by old company employees with a grudge against their former employers. They keep keys and access cards that allow them to gain entry to steal data long after they have left the company.

Former building occupants can keep keys that they can use to get into your office. You would be surprised at how infrequently office landlords bother to change the locks on their buildings when their old tenants move out and new ones move in.

Just because you keep your records in locked filing cabinets or big storerooms doesn't mean that they are safe! Anyone with a key to your building can get access to your files.

Keeping your sensitive data out of criminal hands

If you want to keep your sensitive business data safe, and you should, it makes more sense to keep your business records in off-site secure document storage facilities that are purpose-built for the job of keeping your information private.

Whether you are looking to secure your archive storage to free up more floor space on your premises, or you want to protect your companies most sensitive documents from the risk of theft, you should look at using secure document storage services available from a trusted company such as Restore Records Management.

Using professional secure storage facilities to hold your business documents will also prevent you from getting into serious trouble with the ICO should your business premises suffer from a break-in resulting in the loss of data.

By putting your trust in a well-respected company with a proven track record of protecting the sensitive data of thousands of businesses, organisations and corporations across the UK, you will be demonstrating a high level of responsibility towards meeting your compliance with current GDPR guidelines.

You have a responsibility to comply with Data Protection Act rules and regulations and by putting your businesses sensitive records into purpose-built protective facilities, you will be proving to HMRC that you take your data protection compliance seriously.

All of our secure document storage facilities are protected 24/7 with state-of-the-art security including CCTV monitoring, security teams and strict security access protocols that prevent any unauthorised entry onto our premises.

Cost-effective secure solutions

When a business owner thinks about using off-site document storage they often think it is going to be an expensive draw off their bottom line. In fact, using secure document storage facilities can work out more cost-effective than you think!

Firstly, because you will be freeing up a lot of floor space by moving your files to an outside storage facility, you will be able to better utilise the floor space that you are paying office rent for each month.

While your floor space is being occupied by filing cabinets and storage boxes, it is effectively dead space that isn't earning you any revenue. Instead, you can use the floor space more productively to accommodate extra office workstations without the need to move to larger and more expensive office space to accommodate extra staff.

On top of this, you may be employing a security guard or a member of staff to take responsibility for looking after all of your company records. By storing and managing your files and documents off-site, you will not need to employ any extra staff to look after your business files.

It is far more costly to hire a member of staff, plus all the extra expenses associated with holiday pay, sick pay, NIC payments, pensions etc. than to pay for secure storage solutions from Restore.

A great solution for your long-term document storage

Remember, a lot of your business documentation is needed to be kept for six years or more. This means that you will have a slow and steady build-up of documents that will be hanging around for a very long time.

By choosing to move these important archive documents off-site and into purpose-built secure storage facilities, you will know that these documents will be safe and protected until the end of their useful life.

Eventually, your stored documents will reach the end of their useful life and you will then need to meet with your government-mandated requirements to dispose of them in a secure manner in accordance with GDPR.

Because Restore Records Management will be able to manage your documentation on your behalf, we will know exactly when your archive files will expire and instead of you needing to have your redundant paperwork transported back to your business premises for safe disposal, we can take care of their secure destruction for you too!

Secure archive document destruction services

Even when you have sensitive paperwork that has expired and is no longer needed by your business, it doesn't mean you can simply throw it away in your regular council refuse collection service.

Your company data can still be used by criminals even after the time you need to keep it for has expired. Many business owners have fallen victim to a data breach by the incorrect disposal of their old archive files, thinking that the data contained on their old paperwork is of no value.

If you use a standard storage company to store your files that don't offer secure disposal of your expired documents, there is still a risk of a data breach in the physical removal of your files for delivery back to your business premises.

With Restore Records Management, however, you can have a complete end-to-end service where we not only manage and protect your sensitive business documentation for the duration of its useful life, we can also securely dispose of it through our secure datashred services without the need for your records to be moved off-site.

This guarantees that your business data will not be put at risk of exposure during any movement of your files from premises to premises.

Protecting your data from catastrophic events

By placing your archive files into secure document storage you will also be protecting your sensitive company data from damage or loss through catastrophic events.

Many business premises are vulnerable to natural events that are out of our control, such as severe flooding, storm damage, fires and deliberate acts of vandalism or arson.

The benefits are obvious for moving your company records to purpose-built facilities that have been built in carefully selected areas free from the risk of natural flooding from local rivers, watercourses and flood plains.

A lot of business premises will have a network of plumbing and water pipes running all around the building that can spring a leak and cause flooding and water damage to your stored documents, rendering them useless and resulting in the permanent loss of critical data needed by a company.

Remember that your stored paperwork on your business premises is a fire risk, so a deliberate act of arson or vandalism can be devastating for your business, making it very difficult or even impossible to recover from.

Many business premises, especially older buildings, were not built to be fire-proof and may not be installed with fire safety systems that were designed to handle large paper fires. Many businesses have fire alarms adequate enough to alert anyone on the premises of a fire emergency to enable them to safely escape but are not capable of automatically putting out fires.

Removing your archived paperwork to secure document storage can also go a long way to help reduce your fire risk for business insurance purposes. Many business owners have managed to reduce their insurance policy rates because they have greatly reduced their fire risks by moving their archived files off-site.

How Restore Records Management can help you

Restore Records Management has an excellent security track record. Your confidential business information will be completely safe, but instantly accessible, whenever you need to access it.

You can trust us to care for your data and assets so that you comply with GDPR legislation.

What we offer:

  • Barcoded, tagged files are easily traced for retrieval, collection and scan-on-demand and, finally, for secure disposal an unbroken chain of custody right through to the Certificate of Destruction
  • Facilities: secure entry systems and CCTV monitored round the clock, GPS-tracked vehicles, vetted drivers and operatives at every stage, secure deep storage, latest desiccant technology for humidity control, specialist racking
  • Systems: industry-leading O-Neil's software for all our document management processes, our own Dovetail software that we tailor for you to manage your assets in-house. The two work together seamlessly and can provide secure audit trails and access on a need-to-know basis only

Why not get in touch with our friendly team at Restore Records Management today to find out more about how we can help your business to secure your records and discuss your needs.