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How Secure Records Storage Can Save Your Business Money

Published on 19 August 2020

How Secure Records Storage Can Save Your Business Money

Restore Records Management helps to save our customers a lot of time, valuable floor space and money with our secure records storage solutions.

Many businesses start operating with small premises that are cost-effective enough for their budget. However, it doesn't take very long for a business to outgrow its premises.

Before you know it, a 3-foot pile of paperwork starts to stack up next to the office shredding machine waiting for a member of staff to get round to shredding it.

Office staff sigh and roll their eyes at the thought of entering your overloaded file storage room knowing they face an impossible task of locating the documents they need, much like finding a needle in a haystack.

Other staff members try to save time by stuffing customer files into their desk draws, fully meaning to deal with them later, but never actually finding the time to get around to it.

If you have just read the above statements and can nod in agreement with any of them (or all of them) then you are well overdue for a data security audit and discovering how off-site secure records storage can be a very valuable business tool.

Why do I need off-site secure records storage?

Under GDPR rules and regulations, every business owner needs to make their data security and data privacy essential. Your customers and employees will expect their sensitive information to remain private and protected from data theft.

But how sure are you that your business records are protected? Does your business have policies to cover for incidents such as accidental fires, natural and accidental floods, theft, arson, vandalism, criminal damage, security, medical regulations, legal and financial rules, and data privacy?

As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to protect the data of your customers, staff and any B2B suppliers you deal with. When there is even the slightest risk of data loss from your business premises, by intent or by accident, then opting for secure off-site record storage is an ideal way to provide your company with safeguards that protect your records.

By moving your valuable records and paperwork off your premises and into a secure off-site purpose-built location, you will be doing the very best you can to protect your business reputation, as well as helping to save yourself a lot of valuable floor space, time and money.

How does this help me?

Outsourcing your secure records storage to a professional company, such as Restore Records Management, can be a vital step for your company towards ensuring proper records management and safe storage of documents that can contain some very sensitive information.

Moving your records to secure storage facilities offered by Restore Records can save you and your business a lot of money, time and hassle. By hiring our services you can prove that you are meeting with your regulatory compliance duties as specified in the current Data Protection Act.

Following GDPR rules to the letter is crucial for your company and business practices so that if you are ever audited by the government you can prove your full compliance and avoid possible financial penalties handed down to you from the ICO.

For any business owner that is trying to focus on every day running and growing their business, meeting with their compliance can be very overwhelming. But by using a professional company such as Restore Records Management you will be working with an experienced team to help manage and protect your business records.

You will be guaranteed of the proper handling and management of your most important business documents, which is great for your peace of mind.

Putting your safety first

One of the main reasons why so many business owners choose to use our secure off-site records storage services is to prevent risks such as identity theft of employees and customers. We do this by safeguarding your company information within secure, purpose-built premises with 24/7 security monitoring.

Our off-site secure storage facilities consist of over 70 purpose-built warehouses that are fire and flood-proof, and offer round-the-clock protection from security guards and CCTV monitoring. No one can enter our premises by simply walking in off the street as we operate strict security access that only allows entry by our designated security staff.

This means that anyone wanting to do harm to your company through data theft would find it impossible to break into our facilities to steal your data.

Physical protection and management of your records

Because our off-site secure records storage services prevent malicious physical damage and ID fraud or theft of your business information, you can feel confident that you are doing your very best to protect your company information, and therefore your business reputation, from damage.

As our services also help you to better manage your business records, you will no longer need to suffer from over-stuffed filing cabinets and records storage rooms. Our careful recording of your archive files means that once your records reach the end of their useful life, we can help you to securely destroy your old and obsolete records through our secure data shredding and disposal services.

This means that once your paperwork has reached the end of its useful life, you don't need to transport your old files back to your work premises to conduct your own in-house paper shredding and disposal.

Our convenient secure shredding service can be done at our storage facilities and we also take care of the paper shreds too! As we have a zero-landfill policy, we have several downstream partners that take all of our waste products and recycle them into new products.

This includes recycling your paper shreds through a paper mill partner that turns the shreds into paper pulp that goes on to be made into new paper and tissue products.

You can also use our secure shredding service to get rid of your short-term use paper documents that you don't need to store for a set period. This is why partnering with Restore Records Management makes a lot of sense as the Restore group of services offers you all you need for the complete end-to-end management of your business records.

How does secure records storage save me money?

Using our services can help you improve your efficiency and reduce your costs in a number of different ways. With better records management comes more streamlined organisation, saving your employees a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on frustrating searches for documents and with any misfiling of documents that would be almost impossible to find in the future.

Moving your record filing system off-site will also save you a lot of floor space. Most businesses that rent their premises will spend an awful lot of money on renting floor space that is taken up with filing cabinets and file storerooms.

Your floorspace can be much better utilised to give your existing employees more elbow room, better light and office conditions. If you plan to expand your business and employ more staff, you can do this without the need to move to larger premises right away, saving you a lot of money in moving costs and renting larger premises.

A growing filing system also presents you with a headache because you may need to employ extra staff just to keep on top of it. But by using our secure records storage services, you won't need to employ extra filing clerks because we will manage your files for you as part of our service.

What are the other benefits of secure records storage?

As already mentioned above, you can create more office space to spread out your staff or make room for new staff, and forgo the need to manage a chaotic file room and bulky filing cabinets.

By using our off-site secure records storage you can safely store your seldom-used records off-site until they reach the end of their useful life. Our facilities are set up to safeguard any type of media, be that paper document, magnetic tapes, discs and electronic storage devices.

Our services offer a smart solution for:

  • Solicitors offices
  • Estate agents
  • Financial institutions
  • Credit unions
  • Insurance brokers
  • Any businesses holding confidential data records

The UK Government has strict regulations about how long businesses need to keep their records. Once that time has elapsed you can securely dispose of these documents, but in some cases, it can mean years of potential records storage before you can get rid of them.

This is why it makes so much sense to reduce your risk of a data breach by not keeping these records sitting around on your premises for many years. All they do is to take up valuable floor space and costs you money in renting dead space that could be utilised for a better purpose.

Choosing an off-site secure records storage company

When choosing a secure storage solution for your records then you should go with a reliable and trustworthy company, such as Restore Records Management, that has been around for a long time and has a proven track record.

Restore Records Management has a cutting-edge records management system that uses a digital recording and tracking system, which means that you will know exactly where your records are at all times.

Our records management system gives you access to a detailed online index system for the fast ordering and retrieval of your records whenever you want them.

Should you have documents or records that need special environmental conditions, we have climate-controlled secure storage facilities that help to keep your records in perfect condition, free from environmental damage, fire, flood and theft.

Because of our very detailed records management system, you will be covered for your legal compliance for record-keeping and data protection. This can save your business a lot of money avoiding penalties due to compliance issues.

You also need to consider how devastating losing your company records would be to a disaster such as fire or flood on your business premises. This would be incredibly difficult to recover from. But because Restore Records have carefully chosen the structure and locations of our storage facilities, we have mitigated many risks posed for your business premises.

Our facilities are built to be fire and flood-resistant, and safe from deliberate acts of criminal behaviour, such as vandalism, arson and theft. By working with Restore Records Management you can greatly reduce your risks of being found liable for the loss of your data through insecure storage of your sensitive data.

Secure records collection and transporting

When faced with the prospect of relocating your sensitive business files to an off-site secure facility, you may worry about the risks posed for a data breach during the move of your documents from one place to another.

You can have great peace of mind when you use our services. Not only do we provide you with the best secure storage facilities to look after your records, but we also offer secure records collection, transportation and delivery using our fully vetted security team.

There are no risks of data breaches or the costs of resolving them because our dedicated team of collection experts are security trained and will attend your premises in our company uniform carrying ID to confirm who they are.

The vehicles we use to transport your business records are purpose-built security vehicles fitted with a tracking system that allows you to monitor the journey right from your door to the secure depot.

At no time will your records be left unattended. Your sensitive business data will be accompanied by our security team at all times and the vehicle makes no stops along the way between your door and the storage facility.

Working with Restore Records Management

Putting your trust into a professional records storage provider such as Restore will keep your confidential data safe and secure, and will most certainly help you to keep costs down and improve your bottom line.

If you are ready to consider off-site records storage, then contact us at Restore and we will be happy to discuss your unique storage needs and requirements.