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How To Protect Your Historic Items with Restore's Heritage Storage Services

Published on 06 July 2020

How To Protect Your Historic Items with Restore's Heritage Storage Services

Some things in life are truly priceless and while you may be paying through the nose for top-notch content insurance to cover your losses, should you ever lose your precious historical objects, no amount of insurance money is going to make up for the loss of an irreplaceable object.

To keep your historically valuable and irreplaceable objects safe, it makes sense to keep them protected in the most secure, climate-controlled facilities you possibly can.

With Restore Record Management's Heritage Storage services you get great peace of mind. Hundreds of customers in the heritage sector entrust their priceless collections to our care within our unique storage facilities, which in themselves are of great historical interest.

Conserving history for future generations

Restore Record Management’s Heritage Storage services assist many organisations within the heritage and arts sector, as well as many business owners that need important historical objects kept safe that are significant to their business history.

Our unique and innovative heritage storage facilities aid the conservation of rare and precious artefacts, artwork and special pieces that can be kept safe for the benefit of future generations. We work closely with art galleries and museums to ensure that all of the precious items we store meet with the very highest of conservation standards, according to PD5454:2012 and BS/EN16893 regulations.

What makes our heritage storage facilities truly unique is the fact that we use converted ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters that were built to be bomb-proof. The benefits of using these significantly historic building structures are that they provide our customers with optimum protection from flooding, fire, damp and pests.

We keep the internal environment at optimal levels with climate-controlled technologies, meaning the stored items are protected from damage by sunlight, pests, moisture, extremes of temperature, dust and environmental pollutants.

24/7 security controlled access and protection

Not only are our storage facilities completely bomb-proof, but we also provide an extra layer of security in the form of 24/7 manned security, CCTV and a secure barbed wire enclosure to prevent intruders from setting foot on our property.

Because our heritage storage facilities are independently monitored by the National Conservation Service, you can have great peace of mind knowing your historical objects are protected to PD5454 levels of compliance.

The National Conservation Service is a body that ensures that all heritage storage facilities meet the stringent storage requirements of PD5454:2012, which offers the very highest level of protection in the world for priceless artefacts.

Can business owners use Restore's heritage storage?

While Restore’s Heritage Storage experts work closely with the UK heritage sector, it doesn't mean that businesses operating outside of this sector cannot make good use of our protective storage services.

There are a lot of businesses that invest in and own valuable items such as antiques, works of art, rare book, coin or stamp collections and even hold some historical documents from the founding of the company that can be hundreds of years old and are irreplaceable.

If you have such valuable items, it is worth getting them revalued by an expert every few years to make sure you have adequate insurance cover for them. While insurance for your precious items will be costly and can add a significant amount to your insurance premium, you can actually help to bring your insurance costs down for these rare items when they are stored off-site in secure heritage storage facilities.

There is usually a big difference in the added costs of insurance when keeping these treasured items on your business premises. Your insurance can work out much cheaper for you when you reduce the risks of loss or damage to practically zero by storing them off-site in more appropriate, low-risk protective storage.

Another risk of keeping your valuable historical items on your premises is the fact that during a fire emergency, you can suffer a devastating loss that no amount of insurance payout can replace. By placing your valuable items into our heritage storage facilities, you will be reducing your risks exponentially.

Restore also holds comprehensive business liability insurance to reduce the risks of loss or damage to your property even further.

No business owner wants to experience a fire emergency, but should one happen, at least you will have great peace of mind knowing your irreplaceable items are being kept safe and sound in a very protective environment.

Protecting your historical assets

Your business premises security is very important and essential, especially if you have a lot of valuable items that you don't want to lose. However, sometimes making sure your business premises have sturdy locks, a burglar alarm and security lighting may not be enough to deter a thief.

If you are concerned about the safety of your valuable heritage items on your premises, then having a safe installed is a sensible idea. However, a safe is only going to be good for smaller items. You would need a lot of space and money to install a large enough safe to hold large works of art or antique furniture for example.

If you are worried about the risk of burglary and the loss of some very expensive items, you may want to look at keeping them in either heritage storage or in ultra-secure vault storage, both of which are offered by Restore Records Management. Which type of storage you choose will depend on the type of items you need to be stored and the conditions they need to be stored under.

What's the difference between heritage storage and ultra-secure vault storage?

Our Ultra Secure Vault Storage is better suited for items that are very valuable, fragile or sensitive and need every precaution taken over their safekeeping.

While Restore's Heritage Storage services operate out of very unique buildings, you could say that our ultra-secure vault storage goes one step further!

Our ultra-secure vaults are literally held underground and are carved out of stone. These are ex-military underground bunkers that offer the ultimate protection for your most treasured and valuable possessions.

Our vaults are fitted with CCTV and use security coded entry pads throughout our facilities. They meet the highest conservation standards as set out in PD5454:2012. Our vaults use high-tech desiccant technology and are fitted out with specialist racking.

You will want to consider using ultra-secure vault storage on a long-term basis to keep your valuable business documents safely stored away. However, if you want to have regular access to your heritage items and have collections on a display rota where you swap out your displays regularly, such as art collections, historical costumes and suchlike, then our heritage storage services will be more suited for your needs.

Which of my items will need climate-controlled storage?

Restore Records Management offer many different storage facilities to cover everything from your everyday archived paperwork to heritage storage for historical treasures and deep-vault storage for your most prized possessions.

Not everything you need to store will need climate-controlled storage, so let's take a look at some items that you may have that will definitely need special climate-controlled facilities to ensure their preservation.

Climate-controlled storage is a storage facility that keeps an indoor temperature at a constant stable temperature year-round. It will also maintain a consistent humidity level ensuring the internal atmosphere isn't too humid or too dry.

Basically, it is a storage facility that offers air conditioning with a humidifier and dehumidifier all in one.

The types of heritage objects that you may own that will need to have climate-controlled storage include:

·         Antique wooden furniture: Over time wooden furniture can crack, warp and even rot when exposed to extremes of temperature and too much moisture. This is why having climate-controlled storage for antique furniture a must.

·         Leather goods: Leather goods and furniture, such as button backed antique leather armchairs and sofas are sensitive to heat and cold. The leather can dry out and crack or suffer from mildew when stored in incorrect conditions.

·         Valuable collections: Temperature controlled environments are ideal for the long-term preservation of your collections, such as stamps, coins, wine, original comics and rare 1st edition books.

·         Musical instruments: The careful storage of musical instruments is very important, especially if you have very old or delicate instruments that need to be handled with great care. For example, high humidity is terrible for brass instruments. Climate-control reduces bacterial growth and corrosion of the metal. Wooden instruments also have a sweet spot of between 40-55% humidity to maintain their quality.

·         Artworks: Rare, or not so rare but equally precious, artworks need to be protected from UV rays and preserved in the correct climate-controlled atmosphere to prevent their degradation over time.

·         Historic period clothing:  Many museums will have a fine collection of period clothing that they swap out and rotate on display throughout the year. Keeping ornate and delicate 18th-century wedding gowns in climate-controlled storage is a must to keep them in a healthy state. No one wants to find rare period clothing suffering from mould and mildew when getting them out of storage after several months.

·         Rare business documents: While other types of archive storage is fine for regular business documents that you are happy to dispose of after they become redundant, it is important to keep safe your rare historical documents that have some significance to your business history. These can include founding documents and property deeds.

·         Old photographs and vintage ephemera: These materials are delicate by nature so need a climate-controlled atmosphere to enable them to be preserved without deterioration. Photographs and certain paper types need to be stored separately as allowing them to be stacked on top of each other can result in the prints blending together, especially when exposed to high temperatures.

While we have mentioned a few important groups here that need climate-controlled storage, the truth is that there could be many more valuable heritage items that you own which could benefit from being kept in heritage storage facilities.

There is no doubt that heritage storage is a must for a lot of valuable historically significant items, it can be helpful to chat to one of our very knowledgeable team members to discover exactly what type of storage is suitable for your business needs.

What about accessing our heritage items?

The thought of putting your precious heritage items into secure storage with us may make you feel nervous. You may worry about your items getting lost or not being able to access them easily when you need them.

We are here to tell you that keeping tabs on your heritage assets and accessing them couldn't be easier!

No matter what you choose to store with us at Restore, whether it is just heritage items or a mix of archived business documents and irreplaceable items that are valuable to you, with our cutting-edge online management system you will get complete transparency and control over your assets.

You will be granted access to our online management system as part of our service to you. We can even teach you how to use our online management programme so you won't feel confused or worried about your heritage items or business documents.

We use RS SQL – under industry-standard brand name O'Neil's – as our go-to archive and asset-tracking software program. Through our programme, you will be able to access your files directly from your laptop and order retrievals, collections and document scan on demand to give you a complete asset tracking system and audit trail.

Once you become a customer with Restore Records management, you will be given a dedicated account manager that will help you get set up with our online management system so you can have great peace of mind knowing exactly where your assets are at all times and can quickly arrange access to them as and when you need to.

As a trusted company that stores and manages over 22 million valuable business, cultural and historic items, including rare and precious heritage assets, Restore Records Management is your number one go-to provider for the protection of your valuable assets.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at Restore Records Management to discuss your Heritage Storage needs.