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I say, I say, I say… | Restore Records Management

Published on 15 March 2019

I say, I say, I say… | Restore Records Management

It’s Red Nose Day again, the biennial comedy fest and Comic Relief’s main event.

Comic Relief was started in 1985 by Richard Curtis, Lenny Henry and friends as a fun way to raise money for people living tough lives in both the UK and overseas. Red Nose Day followed in 1988 with support from the BBC, BT and Oxfam. The money raised has been used to campaign and raise awareness of issues such as rights for disabled people, abuse of the elderly and the Robin Hood Tax as well as being given directly to charities and projects working with the disadvantaged. It’s a popular charity day, particularly with nurseries and primary schools, as the whole thing is associated with silliness and fun.

So far this year we have had celebrities climbing mountains, dancing, telling jokes and appearing in short promotional films. There are red noses, special T-shirts and a plethora of merchandise available to buy, while many people are holding cake sales, quizzes and sponsored fancy dress dyas. In previous years there have been Red Nose Day games to buy and two short books by JK Rowling (Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages) available as special fundraisers. The day culminates in an evening of comedy on the TV, with special editions of favourite programmes, parodies and comedy sketches.

Since the last Red Nose Day in 2017, 1,800 grants have been made totalling over £72 million, helping hundreds of thousands of people with homelessness and medical help. With over 17,000 projects helped in the UK alone since 1985, the quantity of information (I was going to say paperwork, but much will be digital) held must be staggering.

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