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It’s National Tree Week

Published on 21 November 2019

It’s National Tree Week

Have you noticed that trees feature quite prominently in the news? Whether it’s the rainforests in Brazil or African nations coming together to plant a green ‘wall’ across the continent, or our own threatened ancient woodland, the news is a mixed bag. The UK’s #NationalTreeWeek seeks to view the positive, however…

The week was started by the Tree Council in 1975, originally as part of a UN Environmental Programme. It’s an annual celebration of trees and an opportunity to highlight the need for maintaining existing woodlands as well as planting new ones. It marks the start of winter tree planting season, so tree wardens and community groups get together and this year aim, between them, to plant around a million.

The Tree Council can provide a wealth of detail about which trees to plant where and how to go about it. This is crucial information since the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has stated that 30,000 hectares of woodland need to be planted each year – more than double the amount planted last year (and the majority of that was in Scotland) – and this needs to be repeated every year until at least 2050, alongside other carbon-reducing targets.

Our storage boxes for your archives are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This verifies that the wood used in the cardboard has been harvested responsibly and without endangering the local, and larger, ecosystem. At the end of their long lives the boxes are fully recyclable. It’s good to know that all your important documents, deeds and wills are stored in a safe and environmentally sound way.

You can buy boxes to suit your needs direct from our online store, or call one of our friendly people on 03331 226 063.