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Larking About | Restore Records Management Services

Published on 09 July 2019

Larking About | Restore Records Management Services

Did you download the RSPB’s bird song recordings this spring? Less Rockin’ Robin, and more The Lark Ascending, ‘Let Nature Sing’ nevertheless made it to a highly respectable number 18 in the download charts!

The tracks were so successful that the RSPB have now created a radio app of birdsong to help people relax or to help improve productivity – part and parcel of the ‘slow movement’ that sees chunks of broadcasters’ schedules given over to the dawn chorus on a Sunday morning, for example… 

The more serious message behind the RSPB’s releases, of course, is about the numbers of British bird species – a whopping 56% of them are in decline or under serious threat – and the birdsong track, and accompanying bird identifier on the RSPB website, are an innovative way of drawing attention to this alarming situation.

Why do birds sing, anyway?

To attract a mate or to stake a claim to territory songbirds, such as robins, thrushes, blue tits and blackbirds, learn, practise and perfect their song, producing wide variations between individuals. For other birds – think crows, pigeons, ducks and seagulls – they just make a noise that they seem to hatch out knowing and make no effort to improve! 

Behind the scenes of the RSPB website must be a pretty comprehensive database, which will require some impressive storage facilities and back-up. Our state-of-the-art magnetic tape storage centres across Scotland, Wales and England will keep your back-up tapes secure and in perfect condition. If cloud storage is more your thing, we also have a dedicated, ex-MOD location in Kent which can match your most stringent requirements. 

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