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Mapping out your archives

Published on 24 September 2019

Mapping out your archives

Which route should you opt for? Our ‘road-map’ to secure storage will tell you…!

While looking at photographs on the BBC’s news website a while back I followed a link to the UK’s Least Loved Map. Apparently, the Ordnance Survey Explorer map number 440 sells fewer copies than any of their other maps. It covers an area of Scotland north of Inverness and, judging by the accompanying film clip, it’s a rather lovely part of the country.

This led me to thinking about all the different types and ages of map, how they’re looked after, and where.

The Royal Geographical Society seems to have a lot of them, with over one million sheets of maps and charts dating back hundreds of years in their impressive archive. But they’re knocked out of the park by The National Archive who ‘…hold central government and court records that have been selected for permanent preservation’. Some of their six million maps date back to medieval times, but on the whole they are from the 1600s onwards. Three major surveys are also represented: the Tithe Survey of the 1840s, the Valuation Office Survey of 1910 and the National Farm Survey during the Second World War.

If you happen to have six million maps (or any other type of document) in your collection, you might want to think about archiving them. We can help with barcoding and archiving your maps in humidity-controlled deep storage at our super-secure facility. Or if your documents are heritage grade, we can store them at our specialist centre in Oxfordshire where they will be monitored by the National Conservation Service and protected by the best modern technology has to offer.

Just call one of our knowledgeable people on 0333 060 8804 to talk through your archiving needs.

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