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Mmmm… doughnuts…: Doughnut Week 12-19 May

Published on 05 May 2018

Mmmm… doughnuts…: Doughnut Week 12-19 May

A treat of Homeric (as in Simpson) proportions, this week is a celebration of all that’s sweet and delicious.

May brings us Doughnut Week in the UK, which seemed more fun than Amber Rudd and my GDPR piece, so we will pick up on that later.

From 12-19 May bakers, cafés and individuals are encouraged to make and sell doughnuts to raise money and awareness for The Children’s Trust, a charity providing support for children with brain injuries.

Here in the UK we tend towards jam-filled doughnuts dusted with caster sugar, occasionally branching out to apple or custard-filled options. Ring doughnuts, however, are gaining popularity with their icing or chocolate toppings coming in a rainbow of colours and patterns.

doughnut weekDespite doughnuts being – in my mind – inextricably linked with the US, Canadians have the most doughnut shops, and consume the most doughnuts, per capita. But most countries around the world seem to consume doughnuts in some form or other. In Tunisia they are called yo-yos and are served soaked in honey syrup. Thailand has pa thong ko which are small doughnuts most commonly eaten for breakfast. In Spain they eat churros, long, thin doughnuts eaten dipped in a thick hot chocolate, and in Brasil sonhos are filled with guava jam or cream.

Now, I reckon the new Restore ‘O’ – all over the new website at – looks remarkably like a ring doughnut. And, like a doughnut, Restore doesn’t disappoint and can be as yummily simple or as intricate as you like.

From relatively simple off-site document archiving – the ring doughnut, if you like – to a full lifecycle management arrangement using Restore Records Management, Digital and Datashred services – the full-on jammy delight – customer service is at the heart of all that we do.

Why not get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales teams to arrange to drop by for a coffee and a doughnut?

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