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Moving out of the basement

Published on 11 October 2018

Moving out of the basement

Until the Second World War, documents and artefacts believed to have long-term value were looked after by an archivist, usually in a windowless basement and managed via a card index system. However, the sheer volume of paperwork created during the war and its aftermath gave birth to the Records Manager, a person expert in identifying, storing, tracking, retrieving and, when appropriate, destroying records.


The role of the Records Manager stayed pretty niche until the 1980s, when businesses and organisations discovered The Computer.


Since then, the ability to effortlessly exchange vast amounts of information in ever evolving formats has kept Records Managers on their toes. 


Their role has developed in order to meet expectations of instant access to any document desired alongside data security in an increasingly digital world. A detailed knowledge of retention schedules and document tracking systems is vital to staying on top of the paper mountain created by their colleagues. Add to that familiarity with GDPR regulations and the benefits of cloud storage and, in the era of Big Data, the Records Manager has become an essential and respected member of the organisation. 


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