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“Mum! The wi-fi’s down!” - Restore Records

Published on 28 May 2020

“Mum! The wi-fi’s down!” - Restore Records

Has the ongoing absence of evening and weekend socialising sent you to digital places you haven’t been to before?

Yes, lockdown has vastly increased digital demand. Maybe you’ve been watching YouTube How To… videos for a new interest, adopted a ‘second team’ while watching football from Belarus, or maybe you’ve been enjoying virtual tours from museums and galleries around the world.

The heritage sector has been quick to respond to the pandemic, from supporting their local communities with PPE donations to the NHS, to increasing their digital offerings to engage with the locked down public.

This increase has taken the form of boosted social media output – showcasing objects, engaging in Q&A sessions – as well as virtual tours and online exhibitions.

And of course, it’s not just the heritage sector seeing a surge in digital activity. Home working has seen the digital mailroom come into its own and with it the need for an online document management system.

All this data needs to be backed up and protected. Whether you prefer your back ups to be physical – on tapes or DVDs  – or via the cloud, we’ve got you covered with our super-secure off-site storage facilities located nationwide.

If you’d like some information on how we can help you with your document management system or data back-ups, please contact one of our friendly people on 0333 060 9158 or through the website.

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