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Opening up schools

Published on 01 September 2020

Opening up schools

With schools across the UK gradually reopening, this year things will be a little different. As well as the annual rush for shoes, uniforms and to re-stock backpacks with stationery, for many secondary school pupils there will also be a little bottle of hand sanitizer and a mask tucked in one pocket. Who could have imagined it this time last year?

While many schools were open all through the summer term for key workers’ children, and provided as much online education as they could, the return after the summer break is a big step for teachers, students and parents alike. The normality of term-time and after-school clubs will also enable some parents to return to their place of work as more and more businesses cautiously welcome employees back to their premises.

At Restore, we’ve been able to help a growing number of businesses make sure their workers are returning to offices and sites that are as safe as possible by providing retail and desk screening, temporary walling, signage and wall-mounted thermometers. Our online store has been busy, too. Not only have we been sending out archive boxes, tape storage cases and shredding sacks as valuable floorspace is reclaimed, but also refurbished IT equipment for all the working-from-home set-ups.

We’re well placed to give advice on social distancing solutions so don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak to one of our knowledgeable, friendly people. If you contact us via the store website or social distancing solutions website we will call you back, or you can call us direct on 03330 607 958.