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Our Corporate Social Responsibility story

Published on 30 July 2020

Our Corporate Social Responsibility story

Have you seen Restore Records Management’s latest update on our corporate social responsibility?

Within its pages you can find information on how we work to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals; invest in our people and communities; care for the environment and protect our customers’ data.

CSR goals have been around in the modern sense for the last hundred years or so, but it’s only really since the 1980s that they have begun to become more widely implemented. A good CSR plan is an effective way for an organisation to assess its impact on the world around it – both in terms of its employees, suppliers and customers and in terms of the wider community and environment.

The resulting assessment can produce hugely beneficial strategies and moves toward increased sustainability. In addition, a more engaged and better trained workforce can drive innovation in business practices, while good communication with the local community can improve circumstances for everybody.

I hope you enjoy reading through our snazzy new update – seeing how we take care of your data; discovering what our people have been up to; and finding out our plans to reduce our carbon footprint still further. Our facility at Monkton Farleigh was recently equipped with powerful new air handling equipment which resulted in a 40% drop in its carbon footprint; and we’ve just placed our first order for electric vans, after trialling a few over the last 18 months. Two vans will be arriving shortly to join the electric cars already on the fleet. Along with our other carbon-reducing initiatives, increasing the number of EVs on our fleet will help us meet our Planet Mark™ objectives of sustained carbon reduction, year on year.

If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly people about our deep store facility at Monkton Farleigh you can call us on 0333 060 3082 or contact us through our website.